Study Abroad Students at RIT's Dubrovnik Campus

American College of Management and Technology (ACMT), RIT's campus in Dubrovnik, Croatia, are hosting a group of nine RIT's pre-med students led by Dr. Douglas Merrill in the fall quarter of 2010/2011 academic year. During the dynamic ten weeks in south Eastern Europe students will be engaged in activities of Croatian public school of medicine in Rijeka, Croatian hospitals in Rijeka and Dubrovnik.

More importantly, Dr. Merrill's group has an opportunity to explore environmental, cultural and historical features of central European society in the midst of social and economic transformation - a unique learning outcome that highlights the value of study abroad.

ACMT's Community Service Day

The 7th annual ACMT Community Service Day will be held on Saturday, September 25th. The Community Service Day is an event that the college organizes each year to make a contribution to the local Dubrovnik community.

This year ACMT'ers will undertake a clean-up action on the island of Lokrum, located just outside the Old City Walls. "It feels good to help others. Physical activity helps us to keep positive energy” said sophomore student volunteer. “It is important to involve students in helping out our local community. Students always have a lot of fun and in the end they feel good about themselves," said Dean Don Hudspeth.

New Courses: Beginning and Intermediate Croatian

ACMT is truly an international college, with more and more students coming from outside Croatia and the region to study in Dubrovnik. The college offers new courses just for these “foreigners” designed to teach them one of the most essential skills for living in Dubrovnik – the Croatian Language. Conquering the challenges of the Croatian language is a real life skill that they need, and can use immediately in their everyday lives.

RIT Visitors at ACMT

ACMT is hosting several visiting RIT faculty and staff during the month of September. The RIT visitors are on site to conduct presentations, meet with ACMT faculty and staff.

Dr. Jeffrey Lasky, IST Department Chair and Professor, RIT, Dr. Jim Myers, Director of the Center for Multi-Disciplinary Studies, Lyndsey McGrath, Manager for Global Initiatives, Dr. Jim Watters - Senior VP of Finance and Administration, Dr. Jeremy Haefner - Provost and Senior VP of Academic Affairs, Dr. Linda Tolan, Senior Associate Dean of CAST, and Dr. Carol Whitlock, Interim Department Chair, Undergraduate Programs, School of Hospitality and Service Management.