Vice President for Research

The Office of Intellectual Property Management
Venture Creations

Bill Bond, Director of RIT's Office of Intellectual Property Management (IPMO) and Bill Jones, Director of Venture Creations, RIT's business incubator, are working out plans for a collaborative program to accelerate the commercialization of RIT intellectual property (IP) through the RIT incubator. Initially, and then on an ongoing basis, RIT IP will be assessed. Those IP assets initially deemed to posses the attributes for a start-up business, which can scale, will be taken to the next level of assessment. Some will be further evaluated by Saunders Graduate School student teams, coached by a professional, to improve the commercialization model and scalability. For those that continue to remain viable and show scalability, RIT's VCC, IPMO, and the Saunders School will undertake the actions to recruit a CEO and management teams to take the new venture opportunity forward. This venture would be located in the RIT incubator facility, Venture Creations, at 125 Tech Park Drive here in Rochester.

Research Ethics Education

RIT is affiliated with the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative, or CITI, a subscription service providing research ethics education to members of the research community. The CITI program offers courses in the responsible conduct of research including case studies and video segments. The content is tailored separately for engineers, biomedical investigators, physical sciences research, humanities and social and behavioral sciences research. Additionally, CITI offers modules in history and ethical principles, human subjects, research with animals, records based research and much more.

CITI learning modules can be accessed here. New users can register and choose from a menu of courses. CITI is open to the RIT community and CITI modules may be used in classroom activities. The National Science Foundation requires education in the responsible and ethical conduct of research on activities it funds. More information about RIT's response to this requirement can be found at here. Questions about CITI? Contact Heather Foti at 475-7673 or