Masters in Medical Informatics Now Offered Jointly with the University of Rochester

The MS degree in medical informatics prepares students to lead and support the use of computer science/information technology in health care. It is intended for physicians, nurses, and other clinicians, as well as for computing professionals who wish to apply their computing expertise to the health care field. Applicants to this program will also include recent graduates of BS degree programs in medical informatics, computer science, information technology, software engineering, and computer engineering.

This program is being offered jointly with the University of Rochester (UR) School of Medicine and Dentistry. Students can matriculate at either RIT or UR, attend classes at both universities, and receive their degree from the university in which they are matriculated.

Dean Díaz-Herrera Joins Kernel Language Advisory Group

Dean Jorge Díaz-Herrera has joined the Kernel Language Advisory Group, headed by Ivar Jacobson and Michael Goedicke of SEMAT (Software Engineering Method and Theory). Founded by Ivar Jacobson, Bertrand Meyer, and Richard Soley, and with over a thousand members world-wide, SEMAT seeks to develop a rigorous, theoretically sound basis for software engineering practice, and its wide adoption by industry and academia. Software engineering is gravely hampered today by immature practices. The group supports a process to refound software engineering based on a solid theory, proven principles and best practices. Three workshops have taken place, in Zurich, Washington DC, and Milan, Italy. For more information please visit

What the Doctor Prescribes: Customized Medical-image Databases

Digital archives of biomedical images could someday put critical information at doctors' fingertips within seconds, illustrating how computers can improve the way medicine is practiced. The current reality, however, isn't quite up to speed, with databases virtually overwhelmed by the explosion of medical imaging. Read More »

McKay-Radziszowski Conjecture Proven

Alexander Engström, currently at the Department of Mathematics UC Berkeley, recently wrote a paper, which solves a problem posed in the 1997 article by CS Professor Radziszowski jointly written with Brendan McKay from the Australian National University in Canberra. Engström's paper proves a subgraph counting identity conjectured by McKay and Radziszowski in the context of Ramsey numbers.

Dean Jorge Díaz-Herrera to Serve as Speaker

Dean Jorge Díaz-Herrera has been reappointed for a third 3-year term (2011-2013) to serve as speaker in the IEEE-CS Distinguished Visitor Program (DVP) for Latin America. Read More »