The RIT campus continues to be a vibrant community with fresh and exciting ideas constantly percolating. There is so much happening all around us, it is often difficult to keep abreast of the activity. Communicating the initiatives of all Academic Affairs units in an open and easily accessible way is a high priority for me. Recently, my website has been updated to make it easier for everyone to find information of interest to them. You can view my revamped website.

Under Communications, you will find my most recent campus updates, presentations, eZine issues and a link to Ping-the-Provost ( or where you can communicate your ideas or concerns directly to me. If you scroll down under Priorities and Initiatives, you will find the latest communications on the key priorities, focus areas and incubating projects for Academic Affairs. And last, there is a selection for communicating information on the Calendar Conversion.

If you have any comments or suggestions on ways to improve communication, I hope to hear from you at "Ping-the-Provost."

Jeremy Haefner