NTID Launches Strategic Decisions 2020

After in-depth discussions by faculty, staff, students and administrators, NTID has established its strategic directions for 2020 which wills address the challenges in educating the next generation of deaf and hard-of-hearing students who seek to pursue career in technical fields and contribute to RIT becoming a premier Innovation University. The Strategic Planning Committee was chaired by Mary Lou Basile and Christopher Kurz. Read more »

NTID and Gallaudet University Charges the National Health Task Force

NTID and Gallaudet University have established a National Health Task Force which was charged on September 11, 2010 to examine the barriers deaf and hard and hearing individuals face in securing healthcare and to recommend strategies to improve healthcare for deaf and hard of hearing citizens across the nation. Also in the partnership is the National Center on Deaf Health Research based at the University of Rochester and Rochester General Health Systems. This committee is chaired by Professor Rose Marie Toscano from NTID and Professor Irene Leigh from Gallaudet University.

International Conference of Educators of the Deaf, 2010

Vancouver Canada hosted the International Conference of Educators of the Deaf in July, where 15 NTID faculty members presented paper contributing to evidence-based practice in the field of deaf education. History was made when the conference publically endorsed deaf and hearing professional partnering in respecting and accepting all languages and forms of communication in educating deaf and hard of hearing students rejecting the exclusively oral method of education that was adopted at the 1880 Conference of Milan.

Summer Programs

Summer Programs at RIT

Nearly 300 students attended summer programs at NTID; 218 high school students participated in Explore Your Future (see video highlights) in preparation for applying to college; TechGirlz provided an opportunity for 42 high school girls to explore their interests and abilities technology by building their own computers and investigating a crime scene; and the campus welcomed 24 African-American, Latino, and Native American 7th,8th and 9th graders to campus to explore "Steps to Success" a program to promote college awareness.

Fifteen members of RIT's faculty and staff immersed themselves in ASL in June as part of the Provost's Summer Program to encourage everyone in the RIT Community to learn some sign language.

New Grants Awarded

Mike Stinson and his team have been awarded a $394,738 grant by the National Science Foundation for "Analyzing the Use of C-Print Mobile Technology in STEM Lab Settings across Multiple Postsecondary Sites."

The Silicon Valley Community Foundation has granted the NTID Center on Access Technology a $100,000 award for the first year of a multi-year effort. Bill Clymer, Interim Director of the Center on Access Technology, and faculty member Gary Behm and colleagues from NTID and the other RIT colleges will provide a team of experts to consider the application and adaptation of the ways in which CISCO products can benefit communication access for deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals.

The U.S.-Japan Foundation has announced an award of more than $72,000 to support the first year of a two-year pilot program for high school students who are deaf from Japan and the U.S. to enhance and enrich their understanding of the cultures (Deaf and hearing) of each country. Faculty and students in grades 11-12 at Rochester School for the Deaf in Rochester and Tokyo Metropolitan Chuo School for the Deaf in Tokyo, Japan will participate in the project, Secondary Educational Enrichment for Deaf Students - International: Sowing the Seeds of Cross-Cultural Understanding (SEEDS-International). The project will be directed by NTID Associate Professor Nora Shannon.

Undergraduate Research

Two students engaged in research with their professors this summer. Professor Todd Pagano and Anne Marie Ross served as mentors to Nelsey Carcamo and Megan Hartlove who completed projects in chemistry.