The new academic year is off to a rousing start. RIT continues to grow and change with fresh and exciting new programs, a new college, new construction --- and now a new version of my eZine.

Past eZine issues have included features from each of the colleges. But, as the individual web pages for each of RIT's nine colleges has become more sophisticated, most of the news stories that you were reading in previous issues of the eZine were also available from other resources. And so, the new eZine will focus specifically on newsworthy stories and updates from the Academic Affairs support units and Office of the Provost. If you have any ideas for improvement to the eZine, please send your feedback and suggestions to me at

Allow me to start off the new year and the new eZine format by congratulating all the faculty who were recently promoted or recently tenured. This is a career milestone that reflects their purpose and dedication to excellence in teaching. A complete list of names can be seen in this issue of eZine.

Jeremy Haefner