RIT-Xerox Degree Program

Jeffrey Barker and Robbie Rodgers from Xerox Degree Program
R. Rodgers and J. Barker

Xerox Corporation has some of its future leaders learning alongside some of its current leaders in the RIT-Xerox degree program. Participants such as Senior Vice President Jeffrey Barker and Regional Technical Manager Robbie Rodgers talked with classmates about how the program is helping reap benefits for both the employees involved and the company.

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Tom Moran, author of 'Writing for Success' e-book series

“Designing for Success” and “The Road to Excellence”, the first two volumes in Tom Moran's series of e-books, “Writing for Success: An Engineer's Guide” were published by IEEE-USA. In September, the first of these volumes was the most popular among IEEE-USA's more than 100 titles. Moran's earlier e-book, “Engineers Can Write – Thoughts on Writing from Contemporary Literary Engineers” was number six in popularity and won a Award of Merit from the Society for Technical Communication.

STEM Summer Camp

Guy Johnson sponsored the STEM summer camp for Urban League students, which was held at RIT. CMS graduate student Christina Karas designed and taught the workshop during August. The topic was geospatial technology and students produced a variety of maps for presentation and then were able to take them home.

CMS People

Jordan MacIntosh, a senior in our Applied Arts & Science BS degree program from Oakville, Ontario, Canada, was a first round, overall draft fourth pick in the National Lacrosse League (NLL). He was signed to the Minnesota Swarm.

CMS faculty member, Thomas Hanney, taught a class titled “Empowered Leadership and Effective Communication” at RIT Dubai in May. The class was for managers in the Ministry of Public Works and was part of the “Leadership for the 21st Century” program.