Welcome to the fall 2012 edition of the Academic Affairs eZine. In this edition you will find articles regarding academic affairs units and updates on long-term projects. Many of these articles relate to academic quality; a concept which in recent years has evolved to include a rigorous and thorough system of evaluation that provides important feedback to faculty, students and the university administration.

Academic quality has long been a priority at RIT. Each of the items on this year’s workplan addresses a different opportunity for RIT to raise the bar for academic quality within our student body and among our faculty. During this last year of quarters, we are not only setting up the new semester calendar system, but also adding new mechanisms for evaluating our progress as we seek to become a renowned international university. The inroads we are creating for e-learning, the new opportunities for students through the Innovative Learning Institute and the recent progress of our faculty mentoring program are just a few opportunities for us to enhance what elements are working for our students and faculty, and to improve those which may need fine-tuning. As we move forward, I thank all our faculty and staff who are committed to providing the highest level of academic quality for our students.

Jeremy Haefner