New Associate Provost for International Education and Global Programs

Jim Myers has been named associate provost of international education and global programs. Over the coming months he will be working with the ad hoc international education committee from the Academic Senate, to establish a mode of communication to engage all RIT community members in international education. Dr. Myers will begin working with the campus community to develop new, exciting educational and professional development opportunities for students, faculty and staff.

Director of Writing Program Named

David Martins, associate professor of English, has been named director of the Writing Program and with assistance from Andy Perry, program coordinator for the Writing Center; Lisa Hermsen, English department chair; and Dianna Winslow, director of the First Year Writing program, he will continue to assist faculty in adding writing intensive elements into their new and existing courses.

David was also presented with the Faculty Award for Promoting Learning Outside of the Classroom through the Division of Student Affairs. Student Affairs recognized faculty and staff for exceptional contributions to the university and its students during the Outstanding Service Awards ceremony in April, 2012. The award is given to faculty members outside of the division who contribute to student development and success through support in activities outside the classroom.

Eugene H. Fram Chair in Applied Critical Thinking

Clarence Burton Sheffield Jr., “Chip”, associate professor in the College of Imaging Arts and Sciences, has been appointed to the Eugene H. Fram Chair in Applied Critical Thinking. In this role, he will provide campus-wide leadership in interdisciplinary approaches to critical thinking with the goal of assuring that every RIT student obtains critical thinking skills prior to graduation.

Chip has been a member of the faculty in the College of Imaging Arts and Sciences since 2003. He is a distinguished scholar of modern Scandinavian art, architecture and design who holds an undergraduate degree in philosophy from the University of Utah, a master’s degree in art history from the University of Colorado, and a doctorate in art history from Bryn Mawr College.

New Associate Provost for Diversity and Inclusion

Kevin McDonald has been named associate provost for diversity and inclusion, in addition to his role as vice president for diversity and inclusion at RIT. In this new, expanded role he will act as a member of the provost’s leadership team and will oversee the Office of Faculty Recruitment and Retention; the faculty associates for AALANA and women mentoring; diversity assessment and research and diversity education.

Dr. Martins, Dr. Myers, and Dr. Sheffield are located in the 2100 suite of Eastman Hall. Dr. McDonald will remain on the 7th floor as part of the president’s leadership team.

Faculty Associate in General Education Selected

Dr. Elizabeth Hane, associate professor in the Thomas H. Gosnell School of Life Sciences in the College of Science, has been selected as the Faculty Associate in General Education. In this role, Elizabeth will receive a course release and will be responsible to:

  • coordinate a successful transition to the new General Education Framework by working closely and collaboratively with students, faculty and administrators;
  • provide assistance with campus-wide assessment of the General Education Framework and ensure the university meets the assessment standards required for Middle States accreditation and
  • serve as the Provost’s representative to the General Education Committee

Elizabeth brings extensive experience to this position – during her nine years of experience and service at RIT, Elizabeth’s interest has focused on curricular development and reform. Recently, Elizabeth was a recipient of a Fulbright Award to work and study at the American College of Management and Technology (ACMT) in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Elizabeth is an active researcher and scholar in the field of forest ecology and environmental science and is the author of several technical publications.

New Senior Staff Specialist

Academic Affairs welcomes Angela Marie Brodie, senior staff specialist, to the Office of the Senior Associate Provost in Academic Affairs. She brings a wide-range of expertise and talent derived from her recent positions as a human resources supervisor and corporate trainer at Home Depot and Paychex. She also served as an administrative assistant at the University of Rochester for nearly three years working on budget and ledger reports, among other duties. Angela will provide support to the University Writing Program and the Eugene H. Fram Chair in Applied Critical Thinking and support implementation of the General Education Framework.

Promotions and Tenures, effective with the start of academic year 2012-2013

Tenured and promoted to associate professor:
CAST: Elizabeth Dell, Jeffrey Rogers
SCB: Zhi Tang
GCCIS: Ivona Bezakova, Richard Zanibbi
KGCOE: Ernest Fokoue, Dhireesha Kudithipudi, Kathleen Lamkin-Kennard, Marcin Lukowiak
CLA: Kirsten Condry, Ki-Young Lee, Judy Porter
COS: Anurag Agarwal, Ephraim Agyingi, Maria Helguera, Seth Hubbard

CIAS: Josh Owen
COS: Thomas Kim, John Whelan
NTID: Brian Trager

Promoted to professor:
SCB: Sandra Rothenberg
GCCIS: Trudy Howles, Alan Kaminsky
KGCOE: Risa Robinson
GIS: Paul Stiebitz
CIAS: Franziska Frey, Carole Woodlock
CLA: Babak Elahi, Andrew Herbert, Hiroko Yamashita
COS: Scott Williams

Promoted to associate professor:
NTID: Pamela Kincheloe

Promoted to assistant professor:
NTID: Annemarie Ross, Kathleen Szczepanek

Promoted to senior lecturer:
SCB: Martin Lawlor
GCCIS: Anthony Jefferson, Sean Strout, Phillip White
CIAS: Regina Ferrari
CLA: Elisabetta D‘Amanda, Ulrike Stroszeck-Geomans
NTID: Stacey Davis

Faculty awarded professional/career development leaves during academic year 2012-2013:


  • Professor John Ettlie
  • Associate professor Christopher Homan, Social Diffusion in Online Media for Reaching Hidden Communities and Underrepresented Groups
  • Associate professor Minseok Kwon, Collaborative Research in Mobile and Cloud Computing
  • Professor Hany Ghoneim, Analysis and Construction of a Prototype of an Artificial Primitive Heart
  • Professor Michael Kuhl, Healthcare Systems Engineering Research
  • Professor Sergey Lyshevski, Teaching and Research in Multidisciplinary Electromechanic and Microsystems/Nanotechnology
  • Associate professor Cara Calvelli, HIV and STD Mini-Residencies: A Path to Re-entering Clinical Medicine
  • Associate professor Cathleen Ashworth, Honeybee Experimental Video
  • Associate professor Jack Beck, development and draft of a book on film sound theory
  • Associate professor Lorrie Frear, Visiting Artist in Residence: California Polytechnic State University
  • Associate professor Chris Jackson, Responsive Design for a Mobile World
  • Professor Stephanie Maxwell, International Presentations and Creative Film Work
  • Professor Willie Osterman
  • Professor Douglas Ford Rea, Motorsports Multimedia photojournalism; Documentary: Orphan Care Project, Karonga, Malawi
  • Associate Professor Philippe Chavasse, Book on naturalism and natural identities in Belgium, Quebec, and Haiti
  • Professor Timothy Engström, Sustainability and Governance: The Role of the University
  • Professor Uli Linke, Being Human, Becoming European: The Politics of Difference in a Global Era
  • Associate professor William Middleton, Archaeological Excavations at San Pedro Nexicho
  • Associate professor Jason Younker, Never Far From Home: A Coquille Story
  • Professor Sam McQuade, Developing Interdisciplinary Knowledge and Technology Acumen for Instructional Improvement
  • Professor Susan Foster, Planning for the Future: Designing a Curriculum to Enhance Preparation of Teachers of Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students for Mainstream Instructional Settings
  • Professor Christine Monikowski, Fulbright Specialist
  • Associate professor Larry Buckley, Molecular Evolutionary Genetics: Species Boundaries, Relationships, and Phylogeography
  • Professor Irene Evans, Transforming Undergraduate Biology Education: Next Generation Sequencing
  • Associate professor Thomas Kim, Evaluation of Spatial Reasoning and its Impact on Learning in Organic Chemistry
  • Associate professor Massoud Miri, Synthesis of Sustainable Polymers
  • Associate professor Michael Osier, Development of Metabolomics Analysis Methods for the Exploration of Renal Carcinoma

Curriculum and Academic Program Management

Academic Affairs is proud to announce the launch of the updated curriculum and academic program management website coming in December 2012. The updated website will sport a sleek new look and provide detailed information on topics such as:

  • Accreditation
  • New York State degree requirements
  • RIT New Program proposal requirements
  • Registered programs
  • Individual course development
  • Program review
  • Program deactivation/discontinuance
  • Learning outcomes assessment
  • General education
  • Related curriculum topics

In the meantime, pertinent necessary forms (Concept Paper Template, New Course Proposal Form, Curricular Action Approval Processes, Process for Review of New and Substantially Revised Program Proposals, and NYSED forms) have been updated on the present website.

Stay tuned for the launch!


Periodic Review Report: Our Reviewers' Reports

  • Great news! We received our reviewer reports from the Middle States Council on Higher Education. The reviewers stated in their summary paragraph that “The Readers commend RIT for a thorough and well-written report. The RIT community must be proud of the magnitude of change and extent of accomplishments realized over this five year period.”
  • The Middle States Accreditation Committee on PRR will meet on October 25, 2012 to review our report and the reviewer’s recommendations. Official notification regarding reaccreditation occurs in early November 2012.

Honors Program

The Honors Program Class of 2016

The Honors Program’s Freshman Class consists of 152 students. Representing a variety of cultures, economic backgrounds and geographic regions, the class of 2016 comes from a pool of over 750 student applicants. Over thirty percent of them are among the top three students of their high school senior classes. Members represent more than half the states across the US. The class of 2016 is remarkably accomplished and members were selected based on their overall GPA; rank in class; entrance exam scores and the rigor and strength of their high school academic programs. In addition to their superior academic records, they have demonstrated leadership, community service, entrepreneurship, and extra-curricular involvement. The total number of students in RIT’s Honors Program is 772.

Honors Program: Student Accomplishments

Jon Brennan: Award-winning Interactive Designer

This summer, Jon Brennan (Honors Student, College of Imaging Arts and Sciences) won two American Advertising Federation (AAF) National Student Gold ADDY Awards. To qualify for these awards, Jon had previously won a Student Gold and Student Silver award at the AAF District 2 ADDYs, and two Rochester Advertising Federation (RAF) Student Gold ADDY Awards. Jon was also a semifinalist for the Adobe Design Achievement Award.

Lindsey Johnson: Fulbright Fellowship Applicant and Study Abroad Participant

Lindsey Johnson (Honors Student, College of Liberal Arts) had an incredible summer in Germany participating in RIT’s study abroad program in Marburg. Students took four weeks of intensive German language classes at the local institute with other students from all around the world. Lindsey is currently applying for a Fulbright Fellowship to study critical theory (a school of philosophy) in Frankfurt, Germany, for the 2013-2014 academic years.

Mary Orth: 2012 Democratic National Convention delegate

Mary (Honors Student, College of Liberal Arts) was selected as one of the 384 New York State delegates to attend the Democratic National Convention (DNC) held in Charlotte, North Carolina on September 3-6.

Mary attended caucuses and council meetings at the convention center, such as the Women's Caucus and the Youth Council. According to her, “I had an invaluable experience and genuinely learned a lot about the political process and current issues during my time at the DNC. It was great preparation for voting in my first upcoming presidential election!”

Brendan John: Seneca Iroquois National Museum Volunteer

Brendan (Honors Student, Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences) supported the Seneca Iroquois National Museum with organizing their library. Brendan participated in the cataloging of books into a digital card catalog as well as sorting the books onto bookshelves. He also put older books into protective casings to preserve them.

Institute Advising Office

In order to enhance both undergraduate advising and student success initiatives, we continue with semester conversion preparation and are actively engaged in using the new SIS to better support students.  The office worked with a cross-college search committee to hire five academic advisors who were placed in three colleges (CIAS, GCCIS and KGCOE) to support the semester conversion process. Additionally, Matt DeMayo joined the Institute Advising Office as the Advising & Retention Technology Manager.  Matt has been instrumental in building new processes for advising in the new SIS, including building a new structure for advisor assignment and developing a more consistent practice for the use of advising service indicators and holds.

The Academic Learning Communities welcomed over 1,000 students this year.  We continue to investigate how the learning community program will be impacted by the transition to a new semester calendar.

The Institute Advising Office launched a new website:, which features information relevant to students as well as the RIT advising community. It also includes an advisor’s toolkit for information related to semester conversion and the Individual Advising Plan process. 

The Institute Advising Office continues to offer a series of workshops through the Center for Professional Development called “Professional Development for RIT Advisors”.  Multiple workshops are offered throughout the year.  For workshop details, please visit:

Student Learning Outcomes Assessment

Two general education faculty teams met this summer to focus on planning for the 2012-13 assessment of the following General Education Framework areas and related outcomes:

  • Ethical Perspective: Identify contemporary ethical questions and relevant positions
  • Artistic Perspective: Interpret and evaluate artistic expression considering the cultural context in which it was created

Faculty is actively engaged in the review and design of rubrics to assess each of the general education student learning outcomes. In addition, faculty teams identify courses and types of assignments that align with the outcomes and can potentially serve as opportunities to collect data on student learning. Faculty recommended strategies for disseminating the results, and all participants gave positive feedback about the experience.  The scoring guides will be piloted by a second team of faculty in the current academic year and all faculty teams will reconvene to discuss the results.

University Studies

University Studies Enrolls Fourth and Largest Freshman Class Fall 2012

Seventy-one new freshmen joined the University Studies Program this fall, representing a 20% increase in new student enrollment from the prior year. Of these new students, 42% are women, and 13% are AALANA. The program headcount of the USP this fall is 114 enrolled students, with additional advising services provided all year-long to current RIT students contemplating a change of program to any one of the nine RIT colleges.

University Studies Assistant Director Attends NACADA Summer Institute

NACADA, The National Academic Advising Association, hosted an intensive summer research institute on the topic of assessment.  Mr. Angelo Fuino, with members from the Institute Advising Office and five additional RIT colleges, worked on improving the framework of the Advising System Assessment Plan.

Great Results for the University Studies Program Living Learning Community

USP Freshmen are encouraged to live in Residence Hall B – the RIT Living Learning Community (LLC), coordinated by Mr. Dewey Lawrence, senior academic advisor. Two important goals of the LLC are to build a sense of belonging for undeclared students, and to connect them with the USP program staff through social and learning events.  Student responses showed 80% of the students in the LLC felt better connected to RIT and 100% felt better connected to USP.  

University Studies Honors Student Presenting at 2012 STEMTech Conference 

Ms. Susan Kratzer, a USP honors student from Getzville, NY will be choosing imaging science as her major this academic year.  As a result of her sampling the major through a course called The Freshman Imaging Project, she along with three other RIT honors students--sponsored by Joe Pow, associate director of the Chester F. Carlson Center for Imaging Science--will be presenting at the STEMTech Conference in Kansas City in October 2012.  STEMTech presentations focus on techniques for increasing student success in science, technology, engineering and math.  

University Writing Program

UWP Director’s Meetings: Areas of Focus
Each week the UWP directors – Dr. David Martins (Writing Program Director), Dr. Dianna Winslow (First Year Writing), and Andrew Perry (Writing Center) – meet to discuss ways of supporting writing excellence at RIT. Dr. Stan Van Horn (English Language Center) attends to help address writing support for international and multilingual students. Current areas of focus include: curricular coordination and placement for students in NTID, the ELC, Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP), and other student support-related programs; ongoing professional development for Writing Center consultants; and support for faculty across the curriculum in designing writing-intensive courses for Institute Writing Committee review. Please contact David Martins ( with questions or suggestions for future areas of focus.

Upcoming Lecture: Dr. Paul Matsuda

The UWP is partnering with Michael Starenko (The Wallace Center), professor Rose Marie Toscano and Dr. Linda Rubel (NTID liberal studies), and Dr. Stan Van Horn (English Language Center) to bring renowned scholar Dr. Paul Matsuda to RIT in late January. Dr. Matsuda, professor of English and director of Second Language Writing at Arizona State University, will conduct an interactive workshop on working with multilingual writers and present a lecture on the future of literacy for a “multilingual generation.” More details to follow soon.

First Year Writing Working Group Priorities
Dr. Dianna Winslow has convened a group of UWP and English department faculty to address ongoing development of first year writing. Current agenda items include student learning outcome assessment, review and improvement of placement procedures, and “credit by exam” evaluation for students (year 2+) needing Writing Seminar credit before graduation. This group is advisory to the UWP directors. Those interested in the work of this group should contact Dianna Winslow (