Research Staff Wins National Award

Jennifer Freer, a research librarian with the Wallace Center and master’s student in  communication and media technologies, presented her research as part of the Richard A. Clarke National Scholarly Monograph Contest. Freer’s paper outlined how the Patriot Act has allowed the government to override constitutional privacy and utilize library records to search personal information without consent or a warrant. Freer won third-place in the competition and not only received a prize of $5,000 but was honored at a special awards ceremony in Washington D.C.  For more information visit:

Biomedical Engineering Student Researches Aneurysms

Mallory Wingate, a second year biomedical engineering student at RIT, is partnering with a multidisciplinary team to conduct novel biomedical research that could ultimately improve the diagnosis and treatment of aneurysms. Her team’s efforts are centered on an analysis of abdominal aortic aneurysms, and include the creation of patient-specific models of a real patient’s aneurysm. Wingate assists in making the models which hookup to hemodynamic simulators using water to mimic how blood would pump through the body. Its purpose is to see how the aneurysm will expand and contract as it would in an actual patient. For more information visit: