Division of Academic Affairs

Calendar Conversion

To date 222 programs have been submitted to the New York State Education Department and 218 (98%) have been approved.

*Total includes dual degrees (BS/MS) programs. These programs are submitted after the individual programs comprising the dual degrees receive NYSED approval.

Academic Program & Curriculum Website

The office of the senior associate provost is pleased to announce the launch of our totally redesigned academic program & curriculum website! The site has a sleek new look and is designed to answer every question campus stakeholders might have related to:

  • concept paper posting process
  • RIT and NYSED new program proposal requirements
  • making changes to currently registered programs
  • program deactivation or discontinuation
  • requirements for making changes to courses or program requirements
  • how to propose a minor
  • double major guidelines
  • dual undergraduate degree guidelines

And much more!

Please take a minute to view and bookmark the site. We welcome your comments or questions.

Our appreciation to Raman Bhalla and Dan Roder in RIT Production Services for their assistance in getting the new site established.

University Studies Program

Congratulations to the first graduating students from the University Studies program! The first class of students (who were freshmen in fall 2009) are preparing for their walk across the stage at our spring 2013 commencement ceremony. Nearly fifty students were admitted in the pilot year of the program, and many are completing their BS or BFA degrees this year. Two students completed their degrees last summer within a three-year time frame, and three students stayed on at RIT to complete an MBA or MS degree. More information and student stories will be highlighted in the RIT news during commencement weekend.

Honors Program

Honors students worked with the Center for Residence Life to support the M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence, which presented a mini workshop on nonviolence at RIT. RIT Honors students tie-dyed socks to donate to the organization. This spring, Honors students will work with the organization to develop gardens in Rochester.

College of Imaging Arts & Sciences Honors Students

CIAS hosted a demo night in February. Featured demonstrations were "Adobe Illustrator Basics" with Kat Pillman, who shared important tools for making a simple vector illustration; "Upcycling" with Maddi Hoppy, who showed participants how to create fashion from recyclables; and "Digital Painting in Photoshop" with Ilana Schwartz, who revealed the techniques she uses to create Photoshop paintings. (Pictured: Taylor Swift digital painting by Ilana Schwartz; upcycled dress by Maddi Hoppy).

CIAS Honors Trip to New Orleans

Professor Jack Beck, associate professor, film and animation, and Deb Kingsbury, assistant dean, along with two ASL interpreters accompanied 18 film, photo and design students on a five-day trip to New Orleans over spring break. Students met with design and photo alumni, filmed/photographed New Orleans’ culture and learned about the city’s diverse people and history through alumni meetings, tours, and museums. The students also spent an afternoon volunteering with the local animal shelter, completing journals, and doing individual projects related to the trip. There will be a presentation on their trip on Friday, April 26th at noon, in the Neblette conference room (Booth Hall, room 1104). (Pictured: Kat Pillman (left) and Yekaterina Satanina dance to the music outside of Yo Mama’s Bar and Grill in New Orleans, La. on Monday, February 25, photo credit: Sarah Ann Jump).

National Technical Institute for the Deaf Honors Students

In February, as part of the Honors program presentations, Catherine Lambe presented Visual Theater, a project which informs the public on Deaf theater, and specifically on how a script is translated from English to American Sign Language (ASL) and how the actors maintain style, character, and emotion in the translation.

E. Philip Saunders College of Business Honors Students

In January, a group of students from the Saunders College of Business had the opportunity to learn more about a local small business. Innovative Solutions pairs businesses with technological solutions and is located right here in Henrietta, NY. A number of RIT alumni have completed co-ops with Innovative Solutions and many have gone on to work there full-time after graduation. Students had the chance to tour the company and speak with a number of its employees who hold positions in various divisions of the company including marketing, web design, and system administration. Students got to hear about what it is like to work in a small business; how businesses retain a high number of clients and some of the things they do as a company to keep moving forward.

Saunders College of Business Trip to Atlanta

Peggy Tirrell,senior associate director for graduate programs and admissions at the Saunders College of Business, and Dr. John Angelis,also from Saunders, accompanied ten Saunders College of Business honors students on a spring break trip to Atlanta, Georgia. Students experienced first-hand how businesses operate and learned about prominent Atlanta businesses in different fields. They also visited different Atlanta "must-see" venues and learned more about the culture of the area, while staying in the heart of downtown Atlanta. Their company visits included Chick-fil-A; Coca-Cola; Kimberly-Clark; CNN and Global Nonwovens. The students visited the Martin Luther King, Jr., National Historic Site; the Atlanta Zoo; and the Georgia Aquarium. Finally, the students attended an American Marketing Association conference with other colleges from the area. The day was filled with different breakout sessions regarding a variety of topics from negotiating salaries to search engine optimization.

College of Liberal Arts Honors Student Interns at CBS

Michael Roppolo (CLA), interned at CBS News in New York, where he researched local and national crime stories on affiliates and other news programs. You can learn more online about Michael’s work.

Kate Gleason College of Engineering Honors Students

In January, Anthony Hennig received one of five Awards of Excellence at the Harvard Undergraduate Research Association's National Collegiate Research Conference for the research he completed last summer as part of the Honors Program. Anthony’s poster was titled, Air Muscle Activity Kits and Demonstrators. (Pictured: Anthony Hennig, KGCOE student at the 2nd Annual National Collegiate Research Conference, Harvard University 2013),

KGCOE Honors Trip to Miami, Florida

KGCOE faculty and staff (Jacqueline Mozrall, Marca Lam, Andres Kwasinski and Michele Allis) escorted second year engineering honor students to south Florida February 24th through March 1st. They visited various companies which included Beckman Coulter, Motorola, Cordis, the Port of Miami, Sikorsky and Pratt & Whitney. The students were actively engaged in the assessment of each company’s product development strategy and learning how the company executes that strategy. In addition, they reflected on what it would be like to work for this company, and the traits the company looks for in a new employee. Students were challenged to think critically about the information being presented. The group asked excellent questions to learn more about the companies’ products and fit in the market. (Pictured: KGCOE Honors trip to Miami, FL)

KGCOE Honors Trip to Puerto Rico

The second group of KGCOE students visited Puerto Rico February 24th through March 1st. Who knew there was so much industry and manufacturing happening on this tropical island! The students met with representatives from the Puerto Rico Economic Development Company, PRIDCO, who discussed the economic advantages of doing business in Puerto Rico. The week of visits included Medtronic, Ethicon, Amgen, Bacardi, HP and the Arecibo observatory. The students applied their year of course work in KGCOE honors classes and learned about the mission, scope, culture, environment and product life cycles of these companies. KGCOE dean, faculty and staff (Harvey Palmer, Vincent Amuso and Karen Hirst) escorted the second year honors students. (Pictured: KGCOE Honors Trip to Puerto Rico)

B. Thomas Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences Trip to California’s Silicon Valley

In late February, academic advisors Lana Verschage (software engineering), Amanda Scheerbaum (interactive games & media) and Christina Rohr (computer science) accompanied GCCIS honors students to California for a week of visits to leading tech firms, in order to learn more about living and working in Silicon Valley. The group met with RIT alumni at each of the companies, which included Facebook, Google, Apple, Zynga, Yelp, and SmugMug. The alumni discussed their experiences making the transition from RIT to the nation’s tech hotbed, and students also met with engineers and recruiters to learn about adapting to their professional lives and preparing for interviews. Fifth-year software engineering student Piper Chester found the trip to be especially beneficial, saying, "by traveling to Silicon Valley, we not only gained invaluable insight into some of the most prestigious tech companies in the world, we also strengthened our relationship with the talented people we may aspire to join." In addition to visiting the myriad companies, the group traveled to the cities of San Francisco and San Jose so that students could gain a feel for areas that they may potentially call home in the coming years.

Institute Advising Office: Undergraduate Individual Advising Plan (IAP) Update

In August, 2012, IAP holds were applied to all undergraduate students (except NTID programs), including those who will graduate before semesters. These holds prevent enrollment for fall 2013-2014 until students prepare their IAP with their academic advisor.

Before IAP delivery began, each dean’s delegate for advising worked with their college team to define their college/departmental processes, including:

  • Development of IAP forms
  • Preparation of individual students’ IAP forms
  • Identification of delivery schedule

Now that IAP’s are in full swing, deans’ delegates are working with their college teams to track progress for IAP’s, including:

  • IAP delivery
    • Advisors are meeting with transitioning students to discuss semester transition planning; IAP holds are removed after the IAP meeting occurs.
    • For students whose graduation requirements will be completed in quarters, there is no need to have an IAP meeting; IAP holds will be removed after degrees are certified for graduation.
    • On approximately August 26, 2013 all remaining IAP holds for students will be converted to a different advising hold which will prevent all future enrollments until a student has met with his/her advisor/department leadership.
  • Ongoing outreach to students to schedule IAP meetings
    • The goal is for the majority of IAP meetings to be completed prior to enrollment for fall semester, which began on April 15, 2013.
    • Advisors will continue to outreach to students for whom the hold remains.
    • Any students whose holds are not removed via advising meeting or degree certification will rise to the attention of the advisors and home department for review and outreach as appropriate.

Many thanks to the academic advising teams within the colleges and departments, as their hard work, dedication, and attention to students’ needs are critical for a successful transition to semesters.

Applied Critical Thinking (ACT)

Chip Sheffield, the Eugene H. Fram Chair in Applied Critical Thinking, led a "Lunch and Learn Workshop" on ACT for full-time faculty on March 22. Due to limited seating, advance registration was required, and it was completely filled. He plans to repeat the workshop in the near future, so keep an eye out for the announcement. If you were on the wait list or have an interest in attending, please email him at cbsfaa@rit.edu. He has also invited noted NYU sociologist Richard Arum, co-author of Academically Adrift: Limited Learning on College Campuses (2011) to speak on critical thinking at RIT on September 26 – save the date!

Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Office News

Faculty are encouraged to apply for the Student Learning @ RIT Assessment Grant. The grants are designed to support the development and implementation of student learning assessment activities in academic programs and the general education framework. Applications are due May 17, 2013.

UPDATED! Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Office Website: For assessment support and resources, please visit our newly redesigned and enhanced website. Please let us know if you have any feedback on the site.

Assessment is a Team Sport: A team (Elizabeth Hane, Sandi Connolly, Anne Wahl and Leah Bradley,) from RIT traveled to West Point, NY in April to present Assessment is a Team Sport at the 2013 Assessment Network of New York (ANNY) Conference. The presentation provides an overview of the faculty engagement model that drives RIT’s general education assessment practices. The presentation will be posted on the SLOA website in April.

General Education Committee

Under the new general education framework, students have the opportunity to choose an "immersion" - a grouping of three related courses to support deeper learning in a discipline or on a theme. To date, forty-six immersions have been approved, and information is available in a document for students and advisors to use. This information will also be integrated into the new SIS system in the near future.

Registrar's Office

Conversion of Quarter Credits to Semester Equivalents Process Completed

A key milestone for the SIS and the quarter to semester projects has been to implement the process to convert students’ cumulative quarter credits to semester credit equivalents. After months of development and testing, this process successfully became operational March 2nd. It was important to have this in place prior to the start of the fall enrollment cycle to ensure that year-levels are correctly established using semester credit hours. Students began fall enrollment planning on March 27 and fall enrollment started on April 15.

University Writing Program

Spring 2013 UWP Workshop Series

This spring, the University Writing Program has offered a workshop series for anyone using writing in their courses, or teaching “WI” courses. The following events are part of the "Workshop Rewards" program*:

  • Institute Writing Policy & Classroom-Based Support: "Writing Fellows" – Friday, March 15, 1:30-2:30pm (Eastman 2000)
  • Writing & Critical Thinking – Thursday, March 28,12-1pm (SAU 1010)
  • Genre Knowledge and Assignment Sequences – Friday, April 5,11am-12pm (SAU 2740)
  • Responding to Student Writing: Working with Multilingual Writers – Friday, April 19,12-1pm (SAU 2740)
  • Responding to Student Writing: Scoring Guides and Rubrics – Thursday, May 2,12-1pm (SAU 1010)

If you are interested in any of the workshops, but were unable to attend, please contact David Martins (dsmgla@rit.edu) or Angela Brodie (ambavp@rit.edu) so that the information discussed can be shared.

*Throughout the calendar year, while funds last, faculty participating in 5 UWP "Workshop Rewards" events will receive a stipend.