Welcome to week 12 of the future spring semester! By this time next year, we will be in week 12 of the 15 week spring semester. Sounds different, doesn’t it? At the semester schools I have been at, the counting of weeks just doesn’t happen. So what will RIT do?

It is entertaining to project in the future (as in when we start semesters) and ask the question: how will we be different? How will the foot traffic on campus change now that we will have 50-minute class times? Will the lines at Artesano’s form earlier or later then they do now? How will the patterns of use in the Wallace Center change?

These are exciting times due to the significant change RIT is undergoing thanks to the conversion to semesters. Students are now registering for fall semester, faculty are preparing their courses in the 15-week format, and staff is busy helping everyone become prepared. There is a sizzle in the air here at RIT. Please enjoy the last quarter edition of the Academic Affairs eZine. And thanks for making RIT a great place to work.

Jeremy Haefner, Ph.D.
Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs