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Applied Critical Thinking

Eugene H. Fram Chair in Applied Critical Thinking

Richard Arum of New York University delivered this year's Eugene H. Fram lecture. Webb auditorium was packed for his presentation, which included the astute insights of our two faculty respondents, professors Michael Laver, College of Liberal Arts and chair of Academic Senate, and Elizabeth Hane, College of Science, who also serves as the provost's faculty associate for general education. An important takeaway is the importance of rigor, maintaining high standards, and demanding more reading, writing and complex reasoning from our students. If you missed the lecture or would like to see it again, the event has been closed-captioned, and is now available online.

Additionally, with professor Sandra Rothenberg, Saunders College of Business, the Fram Chair co-sponsored a lecture and book signing by local syndicated columnist and Pulitzer-prize winning journalist David Cay Johnston.

Chip Sheffield is presently completing a comprehensive proposal, "Critical Thinking Across the Curriculum" that he intends to present to different stakeholders across campus, beginning with implementation in fall 2014.