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Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Office

Progress Report 4 (Last Quarter-based Progress Report)

RIT will use the same progress report survey to collect program level outcomes assessment data for the 2012-13 academic year, the final year of quarter program assessment. Staff are also working with two colleges (COS and GCCIS) to pilot the completion of a modified progress report using RIT's assessment management system, Taskstream. To close out this last year of quarter program assessment, all surveys will be launched in November (rather than February). Please contact the SLOA office, either online or by calling 475-2310 with any questions regarding the adjusted progress report timeline.

Adjusted Progress Report Timeline:

RIT Selected to Host the 2014 ANNY Conference

RIT has been selected to host the Assessment Network of New York (ANNY) Conference which will be held April 28-30, 2014. ANNY was formed in 2010 with the primary objective of creating a state-wide network to stimulate dialogue and the exchange of ideas related to assessment across institutions and to provide support and resources to those committed to meaningful assessment of student learning and institutional effectiveness.

This year's theme is "Using Assessments to Drive Improvement: Practical Applications from the Field". Assessment professionals from all academic and administrative areas, as well as faculty and staff members, are welcome to present and/or attend. To view the Call for Proposals, visit the ANNY Conference page on the SLOA website. All proposals are due by February 13, 2014.

Congratulations to the following faculty members, listed below with their proposals:

  • Hamad Ghazle (CHST): Developing a New Assessment Tool to Measure Employer Satisfaction of Diagnostic Medical Sonography Graduates
  • Elizabeth Hane, Christy Tyler, and Karl Korfmacher (COS): Improving Data Collection & Closing the Assessment Loop
  • Deana B. Olles, Helen Timberlake, and Rebecca Daggar (COS): Increasing Success in Mathematics Trailer Sections
  • Michael Yacci (GCCIS): Exploring the Exploration Program
Assessment Grants for 2014-2015 Now Available

The Student Learning @ RIT Assessment Grant is designed to support the development and implementation of student learning outcomes assessment in both academic programs and general education. The purpose of the grant is to promote innovative approaches or improved practice in the assessment of student learning. Applications for the Student Learning @ RIT Assessment Grant for the 2014-15 academic year are available on the SLOA website.