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Work Plan

Academic Priorities:

  • Academic excellence
  • Student, faculty and staff success
  • Research, scholarship, creative work, and innovation
  • International Education
  • Inclusive excellence

Key Focus Areas:

  • Strategic Plan, Campaign


Initiatives for 2016-2017

View 2015-2016 Work Plan (PDF)

2016-2017 Projects



Action Items



Complete Middle States Accreditation study and visit

Strategic Plan; All priorities

Complete the self-study and host the MS visit

Haefner, Licata, steering committee, work groups


Develop strategy to enhance graduate program portfolio to meet strategic plan goals

Strategic Plan; Academic excellence

The strategic plan calls to increase graduate student enrollment by 30% in 10 years. This initiative requires a strategy and balance of professional and research programs.

New graduate dean, Haefner, deans


Lead budget process revisions

Strategic Plan; All priorities

Hone top requirements from deans; secure president support; work with F&A to implement

Haefner, deans  
Implement Post-Doc diversity strategy Strategic Plan; Faculty success Develop process to identify post-doc candidates per proposal

Deans, Jenkins, Haefner


Advance interdisciplinary environment

Strategic Plan; Faculty success, research, and academic excellence

Charge taskforce to develop action plan; faculty retreat co-sponsored with Academic Senate


Implement on-time graduation recommendations

Strategic Plan; Student and faculty success, academic excellence

Policies and practices; marketing; metrics

Licata, Student Success Steering Committee


T-shape learning outcomes

Strategic Plan: Student success, academic excellence

With student affairs, ODI, EMCS: review recommendations from a campus-wide taskforce; establish implementation framework

Hall, Boita

Develop experiential learning components for each program

Strategic Plan; academic excellence, student success

Charge deans to lead effort

Haefner, deans  
Develop ADVANCE sustainability plan Strategic Plan; Faculty success and academic excellence Use evaluation data to determine continuing projects

ADVANCE, Margaret Bailey

Complete space audit

Strategic Plan; Faculty success and academic excellence

Next steps to research space issues; prepare for drafting a Master Space Plan

Mozrall, Provenzano, Raffaele, Deans

Complete Graduate Program Review structure Academic excellence, student success Graduate dean to lead this effort Graduate Education Dean  
Investigate new faculty titles and ranks Faculty success, academic excellence, research Charge taskforce to develop recommendations for new faculty titles and ranks Waterstram-Rich, Wild, Haefner  
Implicit bias curriculum implementation Faculty success, inclusive excellence Implement the recommendations from the UB taskforce TBD  
Dual Career initiative implementation Faculty and staff success Implement recommendations from Dual Career taskforce

ADVANCE, HR, Susan Provenzano

Investigate cognitive technology

Research, academic excellence

Host retreat with faculty


Faculty Evaluation Support

Faculty success Establish a robust infrastructure to support the evaluation of faculty; specifically focus on the annual review

ADVANCE, Lynn Wild, Haefner, deans, Sue Provenzano


Continuing initiatives that require attention



Action Items



Campaign Strategic Plan; All Preparation work Cauda, Haefner, deans  
Complete Study Abroad Pathways International education GCCIS, KGCOE, CHST colleges Haake, Edwards, Ornt  
Implement unified academic practices between global campuses and Rochester International education Implement recommendations from Operations taskforce Myers