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Work Plan

Academic Priorities:

  • Academic excellence
  • Student success
  • Research, scholarship, creative work, and innovation
  • Faculty and staff success
  • Inclusive and international education

Key Focus Areas:

  • Advancing Faculty Success through data
Initiatives for 2013-2014
Initiative Priority Action Items Target Date Lead
Continuing initiatives and projects
Implement refined grading scheme Student and faculty success; academic excellence Develop a list of policies, procedures and practices that must be formulated in the departments and complete this work by the end of spring semester 2013-2014 Naveda
Implement new student rating of teaching effectiveness system Student and faculty success Ensure a smooth implementation of new system; maximize student response rate 2013-2014 Naveda
Redefine summer TigerTerm Academic Excellence Propose new model, including a revenue sharing plan. Seek consensus and assemble courses and website 2013-2014 Naveda, Deans
Complete the program fee proposal process Academic Excellence Present final proposal to the president articulating logistics; seek finance committee approval Fall 2013 Palmer
Implement Honors Program revisions Academic Excellence Implement recommendations from academic senate and return with progress report Spring 2014 Licata
Launch Office of Retention and Student Success Student Success Solidify Institute advising strategy; continue implementing Tiger Team recommendations; Fall 2013 Licata
Reinvigorate diversifying the faculty and staff Inclusive and international education Deans to research and provide reasonable targets to Provost;taskforce to review and make recommendations concerning recruitment process; review mentoring system 2013-2014 Haefner, McDonald, Deans
Support the work of the ADVANCE grant Faculty and staff success The ADVANCE grant will be in the 2nd year and will be implementing several key programs that will support our faculty 2013-2014 Bailey
Develop the campus International Strategic Roadmap Inclusive and international education Collaborating with trustees, deans, academic senate and other consistuents to develop roadmap for International Education Fall 2013 Myers
Proposed or new initiatives
Advance Faculty Success with data-driven programs Faculty and staff success Review and analyze information from COACHE, engagement, and climate surveys; develop uniform communication plan; identify 3 key action items and make progress Spring 2014 Haefner, Wild, Deans, Bailey
Develop registration and outreach tracking dashboard Student success, academic excellence Create integrated system to feed information from advisors and registration to provide weekly registration dashboard Spring 2014 Licata, Loffredo, Mazadoorian
Develop electronic faculty records portfolio system Faculty and staff success Develop or purchase an electronic platform to share core faculty documents for the purpose of P&T review 2013-2014 Provenzano, Naveda
Implement Graduate Education Vision 2020 Academic Excellence Vet Vision 2020 document across campus and seek buy-in; work to implement 3 recommendations Ongoing Flores
Grow online portfolio Academic Excellence Increase # of professional masters degrees online; provide intensive internal communication for online and f2f support; build capacity to attract adult learners 2013-2014 Hair, Deans
Implement new space policies Faculty success and academic excellence Develop extensive database for tracking purposes; audit various types of space such as research laboratories; propose adminstrative policies and guidelines for effective space utilization 2013-2014 Provenzano, Raffaele, Deans
Propose Applied Critical Thinking across the curriculum Academic Excellence Using the numerous ACT courses already available in all the programs, develop and propose to academic senate the overarching program 2013-2014 Sheffield