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Work Plan

Academic Priorities:

  • Academic excellence
  • Student success
  • Research, scholarship, creative work, and innovation
  • Faculty and staff success
  • Inclusive and international education

Key Focus Areas:

  • Strategic Plan
Initiatives for 2014-2015
Initiative Priority Action Items Target Date Lead
2014-2015 Projects

Investigate streamlining bureaucratic processes

Staff and faculty success

Campus-wide effort but investigate many academic practices

2014-2015 Provenzano

Evaluate effectiveness of external letters for midtenure review process

Faculty success

Deans to report out on use of external letters in midtenure review process

Oct-14 Haefner, deans

Establish unified academic practices for academic issues between global campuses and Rochester

International education

Establish working group with representation from Croatia, Dubai, Kosovo, deans, associate deans to make recommendations concerning policies and practices

2014-2015 Myers

Interdisciplinary work discussion

Faculty success, research, and academic excellence

Topics to consider: definitions of centers, cluster hires, T&P commmittee training

2014-2015 Haefner, deans

Campus-wide meeting of all faculty on T&P committees

Faculty success, research, inclusion and academic excellence

Meeting to discuss best practices, campus values, expectations. Items to consider: interdisciplinary work, new forms of scholarship, diversity, implicit bias

Sep-14 Haefner, deans

Campaign planning discussions

 All  Preparation work  2014-2015

Cauda, Haefner, deans  

Plan to implement strategic plan action items


Strategic plan to be finalized in November; discussion with deans following

November to June  Haefner, deans 
Continuing initiatives that require attention

Implement refined grading scheme

Student and faculty success; academic excellence

Program SIS for C- and C equivalency for course prerequisites

Fall 2014 Loffredo, deans

Complete the program fee proposal process

Academic Excellence Develop communication plan for rollout Fall 2014 Haefner and deans

Master space plan; make progress on space issues and policies

Faculty success and academic excellence

Next steps to research space issues; prepare for drafting a Master Space Plan


Provenzano, Raffaele, Deans

Grow online portfolio Academic Excellence

Increase # of professional masters degrees online; provide intensive internal communication for online and f2f support; build capacity to attract adult learners

2014-2015 Hair