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Bio-X builds on RIT's core technical strengths to address biological, health-care, and medical challenges of the 21st century through interdisciplinary research.

Infectious Disease Research

Bolaji Thomas - Leishmania, sickle cell disease, malaria
Robert Osgood - Strep mutans and infectious disease of oral mucosa
Maureen Ferran - Vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV)
Suzanne O'Handley - Characterization of potential novel antibiotic targets in pathogenic bacteria
Lea Michel and Leslie Kate Wright - Structural aspects of vaccine development for nontypable haemophilus influenzae
Loraine Tan - Formulation, development, and testing of biodegradable polymer platforms for use in controlled drug delivery applications

Cardiovascular Research

George Thurston, David Ross, and Chris Wahle - Experimental and theoretical investigation of the biochemical and biophysical causes of cataract disease
Elizabeth Cherry - Electrical activity of the human heart

Biomedical Imaging and Radiology

Maria Helguera and Naval Rao - Ultrasound technology in various applications
Joe Hornak and Stefi Baum - MRI technology in various applications
Andres Savakis and Eli Saber - Image segmentation algorithms applied to multi-modal biomedical imaging and telemedicine applications
Nathan Cahill - Medical imaging, including 3-D medical image registration
Roger Gaborski - Biologically inspired visual and acoustic modeling and understanding
Anne Haake - Multi-modal medical image retrieval, bioinformatics
Huafeng Liu - Dynamic PET instrumentation and applications
Pengcheng Shi - Cardiac imaging and understanding, PET, image segmentation and registration, fMRI for brain mapping
Linwei Wang - 3-D cardiac electrophysiology
Marla Schweppe and Reynold Bailey - Stereo simulation of robotic prostate surgery


David Borkholder - Non-invasive blood pressure monitoring and implantable microsystems for drug delivery, stimulation of neurons or intracochlear delivery of curative agents, noninvasive glucose measurement
Steven Day - Artificial implantable blood pumps, measurement and numerical modeling of blood flow in cardiovascular devices, mechanisms of blood damage by fluid flow
Kathleen Lamkin Kennard - White blood cell migration and movement
Risa Robinson - Modeling and predicting the movement and deposition of inhaled particles
Jayanti Venkataraman - Wireless microwave technology for continuous monitoring, tissue characterization and non-invasive glucose monitoring
Gill Tsouri - Wireless monitoring, body networks and sensor network systems with GPS and recording for tracking patients, doctors, nurses, and staff; designed and demonstrated a hand washing monitoring system to monitor staff while working with patients in a clinical environment
David Gee - Inflammation, targeted liposomal drug delivery systems, modeling and high-performance computing
Nzola De Magalhaes - Establishing new early detection benchmarks for identifying clinically undetectable small cancer lesions

Medical Robotics

Shanchieh Jay Yang - Micro hand with multiple stress sensors, which are able to provide tactile feedback to a surgeon using robotic surgical techniques
Ed Brown - Intelligent robotic orthotics (wearable robot), pressure and location sensors with regard to pressure ulcers in beds, also sensors for feet of diabetics

Electronic Medical Records, Data Mining, Data Visualization, and Medical Informatics

Richard Zanibbi - Electronic medical records, medical informatics
Gary Skuse - Bioinformatics
Vicente Reyes, Trudy Howles, Leonid Reznik - Data mining and trend analysis
Hans-Peter Bischof, Anne Haake, Joe Geigel, Reynold Bailey - Data visualization
Chance Glenn, Mike Eastman, Warren Koontz - Classification of anomalies in digital data streams
Ron Vullo - Electronic health record
Jeffrey Lasky - Medical informatics
Justin Domke - Computational biology, bioinformatics, machine learning

Hospital Instrumentation and Efficient Operations

Dan Phillips - Instrumentation integration in operating room and intensive care, general biomedical signal processing
Michael Kuhl - Systems analysis such as operating room capacity, modeling bed availability
Ruben A. Proano and Peter Bajorski - Industrial and systems engineering, applications of mathematical optimization and operations research to the solutions of supply problems affecting routinely recommended pediatric vaccines, Pandemic Influenza Response
Jennifer Schneider - Occupational safety, emergency preparedness, and disaster response.
Harvey Rhody, Andres Kwasinski, Tae (Tom) Oh, and Nirmala Shenoy - Sensor networks and wireless communications
Esa Rantanen - Human reliability analysis in healthcare


Gurcharan Khanna - Telepresence for live connection with health delivery systems, patient monitoring, and education

National Technical Institute for the Deaf

National Technical Institute of the Deaf (NTID) at RIT has 30 years of education and research focused on deafness. Programs underway also include technology to assist individuals with disabilities.

Biomedical Process and Clinical Research Training-

Doug Merrill - Center for Bioscience Education and Technology
Jeremy Cody - Organic chemistry, molecular formulation for bio applications

Executive Education Programs

Richard DeMartino - Innovation and entrepreneurship