M.S. in Professional Studies with a professional concentration in Public Service

Alaj, Anjeza           

Kosovo government buildings : a future out of City Center location 2015-2025 - (download).

Efendija, Arta

Developing Kosovo's intergovernmental system for improving regional cooperation - (download).

Sinani-Lulaj, Majlinde 

The implementation of the civil service law and a future merit system - (download).

Sisko, Esin            

Priorities for Kosovo's cultural-artistic associations, including minority groups : development challenges of cultural sector for minority groups and direction for encouraging of improving their work, subsidies and needs--financing the arts & cutlure - (download).

Miftari, Blerta

Kosovo legislation to ensure implementation of regional economic development - (download).

Muliqi, Laureta 

Planning of City Center Government Office accomodation - (download).

Pacolli, Diana

Human resource planning in Kosovo aeronautical institutions with the special focus on Civil Aviation Authority CAA - (download).

Skenderi, Diamanta     

Annual revenues from Kosovo's value added tax - (download).

Thaci, Shpend

Evaluation of the 2011 Kosovo population census - (download)

M.S. in Professional Studies with a professional concentration in Service Management

Aliu, Faton

Criteria for Promoting a Regional Electricity Market - (download).

Beqiri, Visar

Assessment of a Proposal Project for Improving the Quality of Industrial Water for the Thermal Power Plant - “Kosova B” - (download).

Dervishi (Gashi), Lutfije

Improve Stability Operations in Kosovo’s Electrical Energy Distribution Network; A Case Study of Northern Prishtina - (download).

Ejupi, Bujar

Prishtina International Airport: Terminal Capacity Expansion and Service Standards - (download).

Haziri, Besnik

The Resettlement Process on the Lignite Mining Areas of Kosovo - (download).

Ibishi, Avdush

Priorities for Privatization of Kosovo’s Electricity Distribution Network and Supply - (download).

Isufi, Skender

Emission Controls at Kosova’s Thermal Power Plants, Current and Future Capabilities - (download).

Jakupi, Bekim

Kosovo Energy Corporation j.s.c.: Debt Collection Strategies - (download).

Kabashi, Abedin

The Elimination of Erosion Phenomena in the Main Cooling Water Pumps in Thermo Power Plant (TPP) “Kosova B” - (download).

Kadriu, Albulena

Information technology service management in Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo J.S.C. - (download).

Latifi, Fisnik

Bringing IBAN to Kosovo - (download).

Lushtaku, Bashkim

Economical & Environmental Aspects of Spontaneous Compustion in Kosovo’s Coal Mining Process - (download).

Morina, Ylberina

Design Process of Web Based Portal - Requirements of A.U.K. Training and Development Institute - (download).

Nuka, Dardane

Stability of NGOs in Kosova: Challenges of the third sector and the ways forward - (download).

Qarri, Valentina

Internal and External Factors to Export Success in Kosovo - (download).

Qerimi, Arben

Strategies for improvement of Kosova's forest resources - (download)

Qerimi, Besart

Improved strategies for anti-money laundering in Kosovo - (download).

Saraqi, Jonuz

The Effects of High Vibration of the Steam Turbo - Generator Machine of the Unit B1-339 MW in Thermal Power Plant “Kosova-B” - (download).

Siti, Insiana

Infrastructure Investment Strategies for Increased Agro-Industrial Outputs in Kosovo - (download).

Sutaj, Visar

Promoting financial and human resource management in Kosovo's nongovernmental organizations – (download).

Thaci, Krenare

Energy policies and diplomatic relations with the United States - (download).

Zogaj, Leke

Major Factors Affecting the Growth of Emerging Consulting Companies in Kosovo - (download).

M.S. in Professional Studies with a professional concentration in Public Service

Batusha, Zana

Combating counterfeit goods entering Kosovo - (download).

Berisha, Lirije

Applying energy efficiency standards in Kosovo's residential buildings - (download).

Bislimi, Mentor

An assessment of road traffic safety in Kosovo - (download).

Dervisholli, Sytrime

Opportunities to Foreign Investment in Kosovo - (download).

Geci, Sinan

Kosovo Security Force Post 2012 - (download).

Haxhidauti, Bujar

Kosovo's new customs declaration processing system - (download).

Hoxha, Visare

Development of an air quality monitoring network for Kosovo - (download).

Jashari, Shqipe

Financial planning for the future of the Kosovo Security Force 2013-2018 - (download).

Jashari, Vedat

Road infrastructure development and investment in Kosovo - (download).

Kabashi, Fatmir

Strategic priorities for professional sports infrastructure in Kosova - (download).

Krasniqi, Ibrahim

Waste Management Action Plan for the Municipality of Prishtina - (download).

Krypa Gjakova, Laura

Screening procedures for strategic environmental assessment in Kosovo - (download).

Kukaj, Agim

Improving the enabling environment for electronic communications and ICT development in Kosova - (download).

Kurteshi, Mimoza

Department of Engineering and Building Management planning capacity for Prishtina's current and new government buildings - (download).

Kurti Islami, Violeta

Gender perspective in Kosovo foreign affairs - (download).

Musliu, Ariana

Parliament's role in prospering European integration and the relations between The Republic of Kosovo and The Republic of Serbia - (download).

Nushi, Luan

Improvements for Kosovo's spatial planning system - (download).

Osmani, Besnik

Electoral Reform in Kosovo (2010-2015) - (download).

Rashani Koci, Sabrije

Improvement of the reintegration process of involuntary repatriated persons to Kosovo - (download).

Rushiti, Visar

The role and future challenges of the Kosovo Security Council (KSC) - (download).

Sadiku, Mentor

Primary health care statistics for decision makers - (download).

Sadriu, Prindon

Kosovo's foreign policy: why recognitions are important - (download).

Sejdiu, Pleurat

Public administration reform in Kosovo: strengthening the role and capacities of Kosovo Institute of Public Administration - (download).

Shabani, Drita

Strategic planning for creating effective joint dwelling associations in Kosovo - (download).

Svirca, Baki

Review of recruitment procedures in Kosova public service - (download).

Thaci, Selim

Implementation of the Kosovo government capital investment projects : an analysis of the project budgeting and the project implementation performance - (download).

Toci, Lindita

Potential additional revenues for Kosovo - (download).

Ukimeraj, Rozafe

Implementation of Kosovo's action plan on decentralization - (download).


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