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A.U.K.-RIT Center of the Energy and Natural Resources presents its work at KTV

Dr. Brian Bowen, Director of the A.U.K.-RIT Center for Energy and Natural Resources, and Agon Nixha, CENR Student Research Assistant, were recently guest at the Morning Show of the Kohavision TV.

They elaborated on the work CENR is doing and also informed the KTV audience on the upcoming projects focused on the development of Kosovo’s energy and infrastructure sectors.

Recently CENR organized a regional conference where students from the region were gathered to discuss issues related to the energy sector and currently this center is also working in organizing a conference on the Transmission Regulators in the region.

“I am glad to be part of this institution that is contributing to Kosovo in many areas including the energy sectors. The commitment we see among the A.U.K. students who work as research assistants at this center is a great example of the dedication of the youth of this country in contributing to making Kosovo a better place to live for all its citizens,” Dr. Brian Bowen said.
CENR is also very active in conducting extensive research in the field of energy resources and transmission as well as in other alternative energy resources.

Success Story: A.U.K. and RIT students collaborate during Energy Conference

Students from colleges across Southeastern Europe assembled recently to learn more about their country’s energy-resource needs and the role they might play in developing solutions to meet these needs. The students gathered at the A.U.K. for the first South-East Europe Future Energy Leadership Conference in Pristina, Kosovo, in December.

Organized by the students, the conference covered topics on thermal and hydro power, energy trade legislation and the development of the region’s nuclear power infrastructure—some of the most pressing issues in the region.

Success Story: A.U.K. Students Develop Regional Energy and Natural Resource Database

Center for Energy and Natural Resources
Rochester Institute of Technology in partnership with A.U.K.

The Rochester Institute of Technology is nationally recognized as a leader in applied education which integrates theory with practical, real world issues. RIT professor, Erin Green, who taught Research Techniques and Research for Policy and Law to undergraduate students at the A.U.K. incorporated classroom assignments with real world energy and natural resource issues facing the Southeast Europe region. Students developed a research question on an assigned CENR topic, performed a literature review, developed a research proposal, presentation, and a database including all of the relevant documents/articles related to their topic. Research questions ranged from ‘The Economic and Environmental Impacts of Privatizing Trepca Mines’ to ‘Should Kosovo Take Measures to Enforce EU Water Quality Standards”.

Students Working Picture by Naim Fejzullahu, AUK IT Administrator

Through applied education, students not only gain the learning outcomes developed within the course curriculum, but they expand their knowledge of issues that are directly impacting their communities. In addition, their completed assignments provide quality information to local, regional and international decision makers. The research projects and database information completed in Professor Erin Green’s courses were the foundation for the CENR Energy Sector Database. The database served as a foundation for energy efficiency research being conducted at CENR in conjunction with the World Bank.

This database has been further developed by Professor Green and Edvard Bajrami, CENR Research Assistant and graduate of A.U.K.. The CENR Energy Sector Database is the only regional database which compiles all Kosovo and Southeastern European energy related documents and will be accessible by the public on the CENR website. Such experiential learning opportunities provided to students through the establishment of CENR enrich the student experience and uphold A.U.K.’s goal of developing leaders and entrepreneurs who have the critical thinking skills necessary for a successful career in today’s global society.

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