The RIT/A.U.K. CENR provides both consulting and research support for technical and policy related issues important to the development of Kosovo’s energy and natural resource sectors. CENR seeks to make all of our research and data collection activities available to the public through its website and through regular public forums. Current research activities are supported by A.U.K. undergraduate students and graduate students at A.U.K. and RIT. Core research and consulting activities include:

  • 2013

    Kosovo Household Energy Consumption; Facts and Figures

    Brian H. Bowen, James A. Myers, Arzana Myderrizi, Blendi Hasaj, Blerina Halili

    From 2010 to 2013 the A.U.K. conducted household energy consumption survey work. A.U.K. student teams were employed and funding was provided by the World Bank, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund (RBF), and the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA). A substantial dataset has been collected for many urban and some rural homes around Kosovo. In summer 2010 the homes in the capital city Prishtina were surveyed (2,370 homes) and in summer 2012 homes in the other six major cities (2,966 homes). Data collection also took place in the mountain villages of Kosovo (150 homes).

  • 2011

    Introductions to Energy Efficiency & Housing Designs in Kosova

    A short conference from the RIT-AUK Center for Energy & Natural Resources partnering with the Danish Refugee Council & the European Commission Liaison Office. The conference was divided into four sessions. In the first session the main discussion was about household energy efficiency, economics, and environment. The second session discussed energy efficiency and home investments, while session three was about the technical aspects of energy efficiency in Kosova. The last part included presentations on household energy auditing for Kosova.

  • 2010

    A.U.K. Utility Workshop

    MMAK-ECM Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania, Kosova – Electricity Common Market

    A workshop organized by A.U.K. in partnership with KOSTT & Regional Electricity Stakeholders. The main topics discussed in this workshop included: electricity markets: benefits, modeling, and long-term planning; electricity markets: structures, and international experience.

  • 2009

    South-East Europe's Future Energy Leadership Conference A.U.K.

    The goal of this conference was to provide a forum at which university students from South-East Europe had an opportunity to meet and talk about vital energy issues which affect the future national economies of the region. Energy topic presentations were organized into three broad categories:

    •Baseload Generation Technologies, Capacity Expansion plans; Thermal, Hydro-Power, Nuclear
    •Regional Infrastructure, Transmission, Pipelines, Environment, Transportation, Energy Trade
    •Legislation, Regulation, Renewables, Economics, Social & Political Challeneges

  • Summer 2008

    Energy Efficiency Stocktaking and Energy Efficiency Monitoring

    A.U.K.-RIT CENR is working with the World Bank to establish a baseline assessment of Kosovo’s energy intensity and the institutional framework in place to support long term development of policies for energy efficiency. This work includes the creation of a comprehensive energy and energy efficiency database. Ultimately, the Center seeks to develop a GIS enabled database characterizing Kosovo’s potential for improving energy efficiency.

  • Spring 2008

    Kosovo Forrest GIS Mapping

    Mr. Sami Duraku of the Independent Commission of Mines and Minerals has collaborated with A.U.K.-RIT CENR to create a time survey of the Kosovo forests. The map will compare forest boundaries of present and past and highlight areas of potential clear cutting practices. This project is in collaboration with the Kosovo Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning.

  • Spring 2008

    Policy Paper in Cooperation with the Independent Commission of Mines and Minerals (ICMM): Alternative Policies for Kosovo C:

    ICMM and A.U.K.-RIT CENR have prepared a policy brief which outlines possible policy alternatives to the current Kosovo C project. The key message of the policy brief is to exploit other lignite fields in Kosovo (e.g. the Dukagjini lignite field and the Drenica lignite field) for the construction of mines and lignite fuelled power plants in addition to Kosovo C.

  • December 7, 2008

    Student Presentation to MEM: Implementation Plan of Kosovo Energy Strategy 2009 – 2011

    A.U.K.-CENR in partnership with the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo organized a Friday Forum event on an Implementation Plan of the Kosovo Energy Strategy for the Period 2009-2011 prepared and presented by A.U.K. students who attended the Energy Policy course in Fall 2007. The Implementation Plan was presented to a broad audience including representatives of several of Kosovo's public and private institutions, A.U.K. students and Kosovo's media.

    Implementation Plan of the Kosovo Energy Strategy (pdf)

  • Fall 2007

    A.U.K. Students Provide Information for UNDP Report on Energy:

    Nine A.U.K. students have increased their knowledge of the energy sector in Kosovo, writing policy papers for UNDP on topics such as: a historical perspective of electricity in Kosovo, Kosovar attitudes toward electricity, Kosovo-C debate, the role of education and human capital in energy, and Kosovo’s energy resource potential.

    Read the full report (pdf)

  • Summer 2007

    A.U.K. Undergraduate Scholar Research at RIT

    Ms. Gashi gained full access to all research resources at RIT and also was in direct contact with the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA). Ms. Gashi, in collaboration with NYSERDA staff, produced a comparative report on carbon trading programs in the United States and Europe. Ms. Gashi also presented her findings at the International Energy Program Evaluation Conference in Chicago, IL.

    Dafina Gashi Research Detail Slides (pdf)
    More information from RIT news

  • Spring 2007

    Energy Audit of the A.U.K.:

    Conducted an energy audit of the A.U.K. academic building to increase energy efficiency awareness among the A.U.K. student body and staff.

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