Student Highlight

Student Highlight: Rushikesh Vyas

Rushikesh Vyas Rushikesh Vyas, RIT-A.U.K. CENR Fellow, looks out onto the city of Pristina

Rushikesh Vyas is a graduate student studying in the RIT College of Applied Science and Technology (CAST) Telecommunication Engineering Technology degree program. Rushikesh was chosen as a student fellow for the Rochester Institute of Technology and A.U.K.'s Center for Energy and Natural Resources (CENR), a USAID funded project. He traveled to Kosovo in March 2008 to explore the development of Kosovo's infrastructure and identify potential research opportunities related to telecommunications and the energy sector. Rushikesh comments, "Kosovo is a beautiful nation full of great potential. As a student at RIT, I am really honored to have the opportunity to explore Kosovo and conduct research that could truly make an impact on the lives of citizens living there."

After meeting with Kosova Railways, Rushikesh resolved to investigate the communication structure proposed to be laid alongside the rails. At present time, the communication structure of the railways consists of four radio towers at four main cities in the east, west, north and south of Kosovo. Kosova Railways now proposes the optical fiber network in addition to the current communication system which would enhance the railway’s security, ability to communicate and increase efficiency in transportation of people and goods. Upon completion, Rushikesh’s research will be available on the CENR website.

Pristina, Kosovo Pristina, Kosovo
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