Training & Activities

Training & Activities

CENR training and workshop programs focus on the following five core areas:

  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Energy Policy and Market Reform
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Environmental Policy and Assessment

For more information on upcoming training programs and workshops please contact:

Since 2007, CENR has sponsored over 15 training programs, forums, and workshops. Highlights of this activity include several policy forums and training in the use of geographic information systems for energy and natural resource management. Other programs include:

  • November 30, 2010

    A.U.K. Utility Workshop

    Agenda (pdf)
    BH Bowen (pdf)
    MMAK Training (pdf)
    A Nixha (pdf)
    B Halili (pdf)
    A Myderrizi (pdf)
    S Gjonbalaj (pdf)
    S Hawker (pdf)
    P Preckel (pdf)
    S Avdiu (pdf)
    FT Sparrow (pdf)
    BH Bowen DATA (pdf)

  • December 4-6, 2009

    South-East Europe's Future Energy Leadership Conference

    The goal of this conference is to provide a forum at which university students from South-East Europe will have an opportunity to meet and talk about vital energy issues which will affect the future national economies of the region. Energy topic presentations will be organized into three broad categories:

    1. Baseload Generation Technologies, Capacity Expansion plans; Thermal, Hydro-Power, Nuclear
    2. Regional Infrastructure, Transmission, Pipelines, Environment, Transportation, Energy Trade
    3. Legislation, Regulation, Renewables, Economics, Social & Political Challeneges

    This conference is being made possible through funds received from the United States Embassy, Prishtina. For more information or to register for this conference, please download the document below or contact Ariana Haxhiu Kadriu at or +381 (0) 38 608 608 Ext 146.

    South-East Europe's Future Energy Leadership Conference (pdf)

  • July 14-15, 2008

    Competition Law for the Energy Sector

    Mr. James A. Calderwood, Esq delivered a two-day workshop on energy sector competition law. Mr. Calderwood presented on controlling mergers, market division, horizontal and vertical restraints, energy monopolization, the goals of competition policy.

    Competition Policy in Developing Countries (pdf)

  • April 14-16, 2008

    NARUC Energy Sector Regulation Training

    The National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC), Energy Regulators Regional Association (ERRA) and A.U.K./RIT Center for Energy and Natural Resources hosted the energy sector regulation training to over fifty people. This three day workshop aimed to introduce fundamental principles of economy and energy regulation, the autonomy of regulatory agencies and the importance and the responsibilities of stakeholders in the regulatory process.

    Energy Sector Regulation Participants (pdf)

  • April 8, 2008

    Symposium on Power Plants, Climate Protection and Mining

    A.U.K.-RIT CENR, RWE and American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo collaboratively organized the symposium with the goal of providing RWE with a forum to present actual and future Lignite Power Plants, RWE climate protection business plans and lignite mining in Germany.

    Intro RWE Power Presentation Kosovo Kurz (pdf)
    Climate Protection RWE (pdf)
    Powerplant (pdf)
    Work Safety (pdf)
    Present Mining Schippers Pristina (pdf)

  • March 31, 2008

    “Kosovo C” Debate:

    Organized in collaboration with the Institute for Sustainable Development (SDI), A.U.K.-CENR provided a roundtable debate forum focused on the Kosovo C project. Participants included parliamentary members, former ministers, representatives of Kosovo embassies, donor community members, civic society activists, university professors and regional energy experts.

    SDI Report and conclusions from Debate on Kosova C Project (pdf)

  • February 8, 2008

    Friday Forum on “Kosovo C”:

    A.U.K. Center for Energy and Natural Resources organized a Friday Forum on "Kosovo C". The guest speaker was Mr. Lorik Haxhiu Ph.D., Project Manager for the Lignite Power Technical Assistance Project (LPTAP) within the Ministry of Energy and Mining. This was an opportunity for the A.U.K. students, A.U.K. faculty members and A.U.K. staff members to discuss this important project with a leader of Kosovo.

  • November 2, 2007

    Workshop on Energy Efficiency Policy & Practice:

    A public forum was held at A.U.K. to discuss differing views on energy efficiency in Kosovo and the region. Presentations were made by: Mr. Gezim Pula, Ministry of Energy and Mining; Mr. Michael Trainor, USAID; Mr. Avni Sfishta, Gesellschaft Fur Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ); Mr. Vaso Leno, Energy Efficiency in Albania; Mr. Ekrem Belegu, New Kosovo Energy LLC.

    Agenda (pdf)
    Gezim Pula (pdf)
    Mike Trainor Engery Efficiency (pdf)
    Gesellschaft Fur Technische Zusammenarbeit - GTZ (pdf)
    Vaso Leno Energy Efficiency (pdf)
    Ekrem Belegu Energy Efficiency (pdf)

  • October 11, 2007

    Environmental Management and Leadership Forum by Guest Lecturer John Morelli, Ph.D., P.E:

    CENR invited Dr. Morelli to A.U.K. to present on the environmental management evolution within the United States and to discuss of Kosovo’s current environmental management plans. Participants included leaders of the Kosovo Electricity Corporation (KEK), Ministry of Energy and Mining (MEM), USAID, and A.U.K. undergraduate students.

    Environmental Management History (pdf)

  • June 4-5, 2007

    RIT-A.U.K. CENR Electricity Restructuring Conference titled: Electric Restructuring in the U.S.: Lessons Learned for Eastern Europe?

    The conference hosted and trained over 50 participants from Albanian, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Macedonia, and the United States. Regional and international speakers discussed topics such as: the benefits and challenges of restructuring; lessons learned from the successes and failures in the U.S.; perspectives from the regulated utility; and restructuring activity happening around South East Europe. The CENR conference was largely successful in its goal of sharing best practices across the region as it relates to energy regulation and the challenges associated with establishing truly independent regulatory frameworks.

    CENR Conference Program

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