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The center is home to the graphic and product designs of renowned designers Massimo and Lella Vignelli. Their archive includes an extensive collection of original source materials, along with many examples of their finished work, including corporate identity campaigns, jewelry, silverware, and furniture.

Students, researchers, professional designers, and scholars have the chance to access and study the Vignellis' work.

"The Museum of Modern Art wanted our collection, as did The National Museum of Design, but it would have been kept in a storage space in the basement," said Massimo Vignelli. "Here at RIT, our archive is used for teaching students and scholars about the theory, history, and criticism of design. RIT is a living, teaching institution and that's the difference."

In addition to the archives, the center is made up of offices, a small gallery, classrooms, and an exhibition space. The center hosts a monthly Design Conversations Lecture Series that has drawn international designers like Michael Bierut, Jeff Miller, Ken Carbone, and Robert Appleton, to name a few.

Another popular program offering is an annual summer Master Designer Workshop in which young graphic design professionals can work alongside a master designer and RIT design faculty to learn more typography and graphic design.

And from programming to publishing, one of the center's current projects is producing a book on Massimo Vignelli's sketches.

"The book deconstructs some of Massimo's drawings, showing his thought process," said R. Roger Remington, RIT's Vignelli Distinguished Professor of Design.

"Massimo and Lella have always exemplified uncompromised excellence in their designs so we keep the bar high in all that we do in the Vignelli Center, whether it's a lecture we host or working on a publication or website."