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If only there were a way to...

Develop a technology using silicon-on-glass for flat panel displays.

How does it work...

with the HP Indigo printer?

If only there were a way to...

Develop a modular simulation platform for simulating antibody/antigen reactions.

If only there were a way to...

Preserve the past by preventing deterioration in museum and library collections.

How does it hold up?

Will the product and packaging hold up in transit?

How can we...

Reduce dependence on foreign oil?

Tested and Proven

HP & Print Applications Laboratory

Suppliers need to know their materials — paper and ink — are compliant with the HP Indigo printer long before it reaches their customers. It is just as important to Hewlett Packard to have suppliers certify their materials on the HP Indigo printer.

RIT's Printing Applications Laboratory, equipped with HP Indigo printers, provides the perfect facilities to test and certify these materials for suppliers.

The testing process typically takes about one week for each supplier. A simple Research Services agreement is made for each supplier RIT tests materials for. Due to the nature of the work, Intellectual Property is not an issue.

By partnering with RIT, HP is able to expand its number of suppliers certified for the HP Indigo printer.