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If only there were a way to...

Develop a technology using silicon-on-glass for flat panel displays.

How does it work...

with the HP Indigo printer?

If only there were a way to...

Develop a modular simulation platform for simulating antibody/antigen reactions.

If only there were a way to...

Preserve the past by preventing deterioration in museum and library collections.

How does it hold up?

Will the product and packaging hold up in transit?

How can we...

Reduce dependence on foreign oil?

There is.

Library of Congress & Image Permanence Institute

Since 1997, the Image Permanence Institute at RIT has collaborated with the Library of Congress to evaluate the preservation quality of the library's collection storage areas and to establish a process for optimizing its environmental conditions.

High temperature and relative humidity are known to accelerate the deterioration rate of many library collection materials, including paper, parchment, leather, photographic prints and negatives, and other organic materials. To assist the Library of Congress with the management of its storage and exhibition areas, IPI developed MyClimateData, a collection information management system that presents temperature, humidity, and dew point data and rates the collection risks for each monitored location with IPI's preservation metrics.

The efficiency of LOC's preservation team has evolved dramatically over the course of our work together, extending the life of the nation's cultural heritage collections through sustainable preservation practices.