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If only there were a way to...

Develop a technology using silicon-on-glass for flat panel displays.

How does it work...

with the HP Indigo printer?

If only there were a way to...

Develop a modular simulation platform for simulating antibody/antigen reactions.

If only there were a way to...

Preserve the past by preventing deterioration in museum and library collections.

How does it hold up?

Will the product and packaging hold up in transit?

How can we...

Reduce dependence on foreign oil?

There is.

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics & the Corporate R&D program

Through the Corporate R&D program, Dr. Kathleen Lamkin-Kennard and two engineering Master's students partnered with Ortho Clinical Diagnostics to provide expertise that helped to address a specific company challenge. Through the use of mathematical modeling, the team developed a modular simulation platform that could assist Ortho Clinical Diagnostics with the prediction of immunoassay results and aide in the development of next generation immunodiagnostics technologies.

The platform was developed over the course of two academic quarters (or 20 weeks) in RIT's engineering lab using simulation software. Faculty and students agreed to release Intellectual Property to Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, but are able to publish the work and use for education and other internal research.

"The Corporate R&D program has enabled Ortho Clinical Diagnostics to do some smaller research projects that we wouldn't usually do. The program is opening doors to new research, as well as a clean-cut agreement."

Ted Farrel

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics