The Construct Design for 3D Printing Workshop

Wednesday, November 2, 2016
06:00 pm to 07:00 pm

The Construct

Institute Hall- Room 4190

Tired of having a 3d print fail over and over? Frustrated that the printer just never works?Maybe it's just the design!

Don't take offence, we're not citicizing your design skills. Fact is, there are certain shapes out there that might seem simple, but just end up being really hard to 3d print. If you're designing a part that will initially be printed (the final version might be cast, machined, etc.), it would be prudent to design your part in a way that will work well for both the prototype and the final version.

If you're interested in learning some guidelines and techniques for creating parts that come out beautifully on a 3d printer, please attend this workshop taught by Ben Parnas, our senior lab manager . The Class will incude live CAD demos, in both Autodesk Fusion /Inventor, and potentially Solidworks. If you want to follow along, bring a computer with CAD software installed. This workshop assumes that you have some CAD design experience.

For more information visit The Construct Website!