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The Rochester Institute of Technology offers a number of programs of study and courses in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation. Many of the innovation-related programs are embedded within the university’s existing technology and creative programs. The following list contains a few of RIT’s current course offerings in innovation and entrepreneurship:

MGMT-470 Applied Entrepreneurship and Commercialization

This course enables students to gain course credit, in association with the RIT Student Development Lab, for advancing a business concept, working on a multi-disciplinary product commercialization team, or working with an existing entrepreneurial venture.  Students must apply for admission into this program and follow the guidelines provided by the RIT Entrepreneurship Program.

(Permission of instructor) Class 3,  Credit 3 (fall, spring, summer)

IGME-581 Innovation & Invention

In this course, students explore the process and products of innovation and invention. Each term a multi-disciplinary team of students conceives and develops a different “outside the box” project. Readings, projects, scholarly term papers, and pragmatic challenges of collaboration and communication across disciplines provides direct experience of the interplay of technology, human nature, and a human environment in which emerging technologies and new modes of interaction are pervasive and ubiquitous.  Artists, natural scientists, social scientists, and technologists are guided through a series of collaborative experiences inventing, designing, implementing and studying emerging technologies. Presentations, projects and individually-written research papers are required. The faculty staff and resources of the Center for Student Innovation are significant assets for this course.

(Third Year Standing) Class 3, Credit 3 (F,S)

CMDS-511 Innovation Lab

This course builds on the skills and knowledge gained in CMDS-211 Exploring Innovation and CMDS-411 The Practice of Innovation and Invention. In the course students engage as members of an interdisciplinary project team exploring a complex, non-trivial problem for which an innovation in science, technology, design, business, artistic expression, etc., could be significant for working toward a resolution of the problem. Problems may be proposed by students or by faculty mentors, or derived from external sources. After selecting a problem, each team works throughout the semester designing a solution, culminating in a formal written report and oral presentation at the conclusion of the project.

Pre-requisite CMDS-411 The Practice of Innovation and Invention or permission of instructor)

Workshop format Class 4, Credit 4 (Fall/Spring)

Discipline Approved Independent Study

A number of departments on campus indepentent study credit for working on a team-based innovation project.  Please contact your adviser or Richard DeMartino for more information on this.