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Entrepreneurship Scholars

The RIT Entrepreneurship Scholars is a holistic entrepreneurship program that combines a residential community in the RIT Global Village, cohort entrepreneurship courses, mentoring, unique entrepreneurial co-ops, and 24/7 access to the student incubator.  Students completing the program will receive a minor in entrepreneurship and have the opportunity to gain course credit for maturing a business concept.

The program will include a roughly equal mix of technology, creative, and business students.  This will allow students to develop effective teams to advance new businesses and commercialize technology concepts. As student projects progress, they will be assigned an alumni/business mentor to further assist them.

Course Sequence:

Students entering the program will take one class per semester with their Entrepreneurship Scholars Cohorts.[1]

  1. Principles of Marketing (for entrepreneurs)
  2. Entrepreneurship
  3. Organizational Behavior (leadership for entrepreneurs)
  4. Financial Accounting
  5. Applied Entrepreneurship Experience

[1]: Students out on co-op may take any of these courses outside their cohort group

Exclusive Suites in Global Village

Students can live anywhere on or off campus but do have the option to take advantage of living with other like minded students in Global Village!  To have access to these suites, students must apply for a spot during the regular Phase 2 Housing Process.

Application Requirements and Information

Entry into the Entrepreneurship Scholars is competitive. Applicants should be in their sophomore or junior year and have a GPA of approximately 3.0 as well as full time student status.

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