NSF I-Corps Node

Upstate New York (UNY) I-Corps Node

Rochester Institute of Technology has partnered with Cornell University and University of Rochester to create the Upstate New York (UNY) I-Corps Node. NSF has awarded $4.2 million to the three universities to support this Node. NSF I-Corps gives researchers the opportunity to combine their strong technical and scientific knowledge with an entrepreneurial mindset, with the goal of discovering new technologies that can be developed for market.

The Upstate New York I-Corps Node combines the experience of the nation’s top university R&D region with the entrepreneurial knowledge of experienced mentors and faculty. The Node acts as a hub for commercialization training in the Northeast, connecting skilled researchers to valuable resources through national and regional I-Corps programming.


The I-Corps Node program is designed to prepare participants to innovate and create beyond the academic sphere. The UNY I-Corps Node will provide targeted curriculum, mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs, and a connection to the national I-Corps network of Nodes, Sites, Teams, and knowledge. Each year, the UNY I-Corps Node will recommend 20-30 teams to the National NSF program, where participants can receive $50K NSF funding and other opportunities; participating in a Short Course is an excellent way to get involved in the I-Corps network.

For more information on the UNY I-Corps Node visit the website.