Entry Requirements & Duration

The Student Incubator program seeks to encourage the advancement of student initiatives toward revenue generation. As such, only student projects with an overarching “customer focus” will be considered. At a minimum, student initiatives require the following:

  • Approved Student Proposal: Proposals should clearly articulate the maturity of the project from both a product development and a business development perspective. Any information related to “voice of the customer”, “business case development”, or “product proof of concept” should be clearly articulated.
  • Approved Deliverable Time Lines and Objectives: Each student team must provide a preliminary timeline deliverables associated with their project. These timelines should include both customer interaction and customer-oriented new product/service development.
  • Balanced Student Teams: Each student group must incorporate both the business, technical, and/or creative expertise required for the specific project.
  • Appropriate Faculty and/or Industry/Inventor Sponsorship: The Program will work with students to locate and assign a business mentor. Students interested in entering the program are encouraged to contact their appropriate academic units (if appropriate) to determine appropriate business mentors.

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For more information contact Dana Wolcott.