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Student Innovation Hall: Located within University Services Center (USC) Building 87

Below are hyperlinked images for the Simone Center and the MAGIC Center


How to Reserve a Room

Renovations to the Student Innovation Hall, USC 87-1600, were completed in November 2013. Due to the renovations, there are several changes to the space that should be carefully considered before submitting your inquiry:

• The event space is slightly smaller (maximum occupancy is 150 theatre-style, fewer if using tables), and includes:

o The round space contained within the three white walls*

o Set-up and tear-down of Student Innovation Hall’s tables and chairs

o Podium (height adjustable)

o 1 projector and screen (no laptop provided)

o 2 wireless microphones: (1) lavaliere (hands free), and (1) hand-held

o Student Worker to assist with audio/visual needs

o 3 banquet tablesƚ

o Your event flyer displayed on a digital monitor at entrance to Hall (please email electronic file (JPG, PNG, PPT, or PDF landscape 1920 x 1080) to

• There are six people whose offices are located within the Student Innovation Hall. Therefore, they are coming and going, people are coming in to meet with them; they’re taking phone calls, making copies, heating food in the microwave, etc.

• There are five additional spaces that turnover regularly: three small rooms where Simone Center mentors meet with student teams; a 22-seat MAGIC Lab that students are frequently moving in-and-out of (in view of the audience presentation screen; and a 12-seat meeting room used for MAGIC affiliates to collaborate on projects.

• A Committee reviews all reservation requests. The Student Innovation Hall encourages requests for multidisciplinary, innovative activities that align with RIT’s mission and meet the goals of the Simone Center and the MAGIC Center. Please note that a room reservation submission is an inquiry until a confirmation is received from the Student Innovation Hall.

• If interested in a Friday evening event, a group of 10 – 15 students play board games in the John J. Peters Student Lounge located in the Lobby just outside the Hall.

• A confirmed reservation may be bumped if a conflicting request is received from the: President’s Office, Provost’s Office, Office of Vice President for Research, Office of Government & Community Relations, MAGIC Center, or Simone Center.

What is NOT included in a room reservation:

• Laptop - If you'd like to pre-test your laptop and presentation prior to the day of your event, please contact the Student Help Desk,, 585-475-2305, to schedule this.

• Catering Orders – it is recommended that catering requests are made through Brick City Catering or RIT’s Dining Express; all requests must be made directly with the caterer. For catered events with many attendees, Catering will require a significant amount of time to set-up/tear down. Please account for this in your set-up/tear down time requirements.

• All of the following items can be rented can be rented through the FMS online Event Request Form, It’s important that you contact the Student Innovation Hall Help Desk first, 5-2305, to discuss delivery and pick-up times, so as not to interfere with another event:

o Banquet tables - If more than 3 banquet tables are needed (please consider your Catering, registration, and vendor table needs)

o Tablecloths – if needed, and not provided by your caterer

o Coat racks - remember to also request hangers for the coat racks

• * Other areas within the Student Innovation Hall that are not included in this room request are: 1680 – MAGIC Production Studio, the seating area outside of 1680 and the hallway that runs behind 1680; outside of the MAGIC Center offices 1670/1671/1673/1675; 1660 – MAGIC Lab; 1630/1632/1636/1638 – Simone Center Coaching Rooms A - D; between Coaching Room D and the MAGIC Lab; and the Help Desk Hallway outside of 1632/1636/1650.

The following rooms are available for reservation.


Below are directions and and references on how to get to Student Innovation Hall.

RITs Student Innovation Hall First, please stop at the Visitor Information  Center to obtain a visitor/guest pass by  entering RITs Campus at the main entrance (Jefferson Road & Lomb Memorial Drive). Follow the signs to the Information Booth. A Campus Safety officer will issue a parking pass for ‘S’ Lot. When you arrive at ‘S’ Lot, park as far forward and to the right as possible, avoiding spaces that are reserved for Permit holders. Walk to the right of "Crossroads" Building and follow the sidewalk to the round glass building behind "Crossroads". The Student Innovation Hall is inside the main entrance and immediately on the left, Room 1600.


Below are images of the different room configurations for SIH-1600

Auditorium Style – chairs only; 150 persons maximum occupancy


Round Tables (hexagon-shaped) – each seats 6; 72 persons maximum occupancy



Classroom Style – tables and chairs; 50 persons maximum occupancy