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Research Facilities

RIT Research Laboratories, Equipment, and Services

Interactive Collaboration Environments Laboratory

Capabilities and Equipment

The ICE Lab allows access to a powerful computing grid that can handle a variety of research computing needs. The Research Computing Grid has access to:

• 54 Computer systems

• 27 Virtual computer systems

Image Permanence Institute


The facilities of the IPI allow for the following:

• Environmental Management Products, including:

- A-D (Acid Detection) Strips for film collections

Imaging Systems Lab


Capabilities and Equipment

• Durst Lambda 76 PLUS printer

Capable of producing extremely high quality output on silver halide photographic print materials and generating a maximum print size of 32″ wide by 100 feet long

• Kreonite and JOBO “dip and dunk” equipment

RIT Magnetic Resonance Laboratory


The laboratory offers a variety of services, including consulting, feasibility study, system design & development, sponsored project, basic research, needs assessment, and educational services. The laboratory has the ability to measure the following:

• Diffusion Coefficients

• Imaging

NanoImaging Laboratory


The lab houses the following equipment, listed by type, with specifications:

Basic Electron Microscopy:

• JEOL 6400V scanning electron microscope with a 200 kV LaB6 electron gun and energy dispersive X-ray analysis for elemental microanalysis

NanoPower Research Laboratory



The NPRL has facilities that allow for research in a variety of sustainable power techniques, including:

• Carbon nanotubes for high-density storage in lithium ion batteries

• Semiconductor quantum dots for high-efficiency solar cells

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