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Computer Graphics Research Lab

Oct 6th, 2011 -- research


In addition to approximately a dozen computers with various processing and graphical capabilities, the lab also uses the following equipment:


• Access Grid Software

• Autodesk Maya 2008

• Autodesk MotionBuilder 7.5

• Pixar’s RenderMan

• Torque Game Engine by Garage Games

Audio Hardware:

• Audigy 2 Sound Cards

• Casio WK-3100 MIDI Keyboard

• MOTU 828mk Audio Interface

Virtual Reality Hardware:

• 5DT Dataglove 5

• i-glasses SVGA Head Mounted Display

• P5 Virtual Reality Glove

• Measurand ShapeWrap III full body motion capture system

The lab also has access to an OrganicMotion STAGE Motion Capture System, located in the CIAS Digital Studio.



For assistance or more information, please contact:


Joe Geigel, Ph.D.


Phone: (585) 475-2051