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Effective Reporting: A Crucial Component

Apr 25th, 2006 -- research

How SRS can help
When a new award is received, SRS will contact the PI about scheduling a Project Initiation Meeting (PIM).  At the PIM, SRS will go over the terms and conditions of the sponsored project, including any reporting deadlines, format, and submission method.  SRS will also offer the use of its database to remind the PI via email when reporting deadlines are approaching.

Things to remember

  • Some sponsoring agencies/companies require the financial reporting and technical reporting to be submitted together.  In these cases, submission of the report must be coordinated with Sponsored Programs Financial Management Services (SPFMS).
  • Review the contents of a report with all Co-PIs prior to submission
  • Review a sponsor online reporting system well in advance of the deadline.  For example many PIs are familiar with submitting proposals through NSF's very user friendly Fastlane system.  Unfortunately, it isn't quite as user friendly when it comes time to submit reports. 
  • Timely program reporting can make a significant difference in the way the project is viewed by the sponsoring agency or company.  It can mean the difference between continued funding and a cancelled program. 

If you have any questions about program reporting or RIT's policies and procedures regarding sponsored programs, contact Kate Clark or Shane Crounse in Sponsored Research Services.