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InfoEd Tips

InfoEd's database of funding opportunities is quite comprehensive and can be a valuable source of information for those seeking financial support for their projects.

Your Senior Research Administrator can help you create your profile, select keywords, and search the database. You can also create and fine-tune your profile at any time - here are some tips to guide you:

Creating a SMARTS Profile

1. Go to the SMARTS/GENIUS Create Profile page.

2. Scroll down and select "Rochester Insititute of Technology" from the list of institutions, then click the "Select" button.

New Profile page

3. On the "New Profile Screen":

3a. Enter your first & last name, and e-mail address. (Please contact SRS if you prefer to use a non-RIT e-mail address).

3b. Scroll through the department list and select the best match for your department (some departments may not be listed). Do not enter your Social Security Number.

3c. Enter the username and password you want to use. You can use your RIT username as your SMARTS username, but do not use a valuable password for SMARTS, as it is viewable by system administrators.

3d. Click the "Submit" button when done

New Profile page 2

4. Follow the instructions under "Updating your SMARTS Profile" from Step 3 to complete setting up your profile.



Updating Your SMARTS Profile

1. Go to the SMARTS/GENIUS Edit Profile page.

2. Login with your SMARTS username and password. If you have forgotten them, please email us.

3. Click on the "General" link at the top of the summary page.

Edit Profile page 1

3a. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to the series of yes/no questions. Make sure "Yes" is checked for the first one ("SMARTS output/"hits" will be e-mailed to you..."). Choose your preference for the others. (Receiving a single email per hit lets you easily delete the ones you’re not interested in. You may also want to set up your email client to put SMARTS emails in a separate folder.)

3b. The other information on the page is optional; you may update it if you choose (but please do not fill in your social security number). The fields in the middle of the page marked with red arrows (gender, citizenship, etc.) will help filter programs based on your eligibility.

3c. Click the "Save Changes" button at the top or bottom of the page.

Edit Profile page 2
4. Click the "Keywords" link on the summary page. This is where you will select keywords that reflect your interests. Edit Profile page 1

4a. In most cases, you'll want to leave the first item set to "Hierarchical matches." Checking off the major categories listed on the left of the screen ("Agriculture, Education, Energy," etc.) is not recommended as it will result in a LOT of hits.

4b. There are a few ways to find keywords:

i. Use the Search box to find specific keywords. Note that the search only returns matches that contain the exact search term. Also note you need to click on the Search button; hitting "Enter" will not work.

ii. Or, browse through the keywords within the major categories ("Agriculture, Education, Energy," etc.) by clicking the category name.

iii. Or, have a look at the hierarchical keyword list and locate the ones you want using the Search box.

iv. You may not be able to find keywords that exactly match what you want; try searching for slightly broader or related topics. Note that SMARTS matching is done on an "OR" basis - you will receive hits that match any one of the keywords you select.

4c. To select keywords, highlight (click) them in the "Please select Keywords" box. To select multiple keywords at a time, hold down the Ctrl (PC) or Command (Mac) key while you click. Click the "Select/Save Changes" button to add them to your list. Repeat 4b & 4c until you are satisfied with your list (displayed at the bottom of the page).

4d. When you are finished selecting keywords, click the "Return" button.

Edit Profile Keywords page
5. To further refine your hits, complete the sections under "Used in SMARTS matching" ("Applicant Types, Award Types," etc.). Completing at least the Award Types section is highly recommended. Edit Profile page 1

6. Click the "Log Out" button when you're all done.

7. You can always return to fine-tune your profile if you find you are receiving too many or not enough hits. You can suspend or resume the email notifications at any time by going into your profile under "General" and changing your response under "SMARTS output/"hits" will be e-mailed to you..."

8. When you see an opportunity you want to pursue, contact the Senior Research Administrator for your college, who can assist you with the application process.


Using SPIN Search

In addition to SMARTS e-mail notifications, you can also directly search all available opportunities at any time through SPIN search (You will need to access this URL from the RIT network). “Advanced Search” will let you specify a variety of criteria to search on. The online help contains explanations of each field.