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Human Performance Lab


The equipment may be used for both ergonomics and safety applications. Some of the equipment includes:

• Electromyography System (electrodes, preamplifiers, amplifiers, and


• Strain Gage Dynamometer and Amplifier Tektronix Oscilloscope

• Chatillon Push/Pull Dynamometer

• Grip Strength Dynamometer

• Reuter-Stokes Heat Stress Monitor

• Reuter-Stokes Micro-Psychrometer (RSS-230)

• Sekonic Light Meter

• Quantum Instruments Photo-Meter 1 Light Meter

• Sensormedic VMaxST Metabolic Cart

• Polar Vantage XL Heart Rate Monitor and Data Logger

• Sound Level Meter CEL 254

• 10- Penny & Giles Electrogoniometers

• PCs with Data Acquisition and Video Capture Boards

• BTE Work Simulator for measuring human strength

• Mark-10 Cap Torque Tester

• Chatillon MSC Digital Force Gauge



For assistance or more information, please contact:


Matthew Marshall, Ph.D.


Phone: (585) 475-7260


Jacqueline Mozrall, Ph.D.


Phone: (585) 475-7142


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