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Image Permanence Institute

Oct 6th, 2011 -- research


The facilities of the IPI allow for the following:

• Environmental Management Products, including:

- A-D (Acid Detection) Strips for film collections

- Preservation Environment Monitors (PEM® and PEM2 dataloggers) and accessories, Climate Notebook® software, and PEMdata online data management and analysis

- Dew Point Calculator

• Consulting

- Environmental Monitoring and Analysis Consultations

- Media Collection Surveys and Storage Advice

• Testing Services for Imaging Materials and Archival Storage Products

• Image Stability Evaluations

- Abrasion Sensitivity Test

- Light-Fastness Test

- Air-Pollutant Sensitivity Test

- High-Humidity Sensitivity Test

• Photo-storage and Framing Materials Evaluations

- Photographic Activity Test (PAT)

- pH and Alkaline Reserve Tests



The IPI is made up of several labs, listed below with specific details:


Microscopy Lab

Axial light to document surface gloss

Light raking to emphasize texture

UV to induce fluorescence

Incubation Lab

13 temperature/humidity chambers

2 dry ovens

Walk-in chamber

Light Fading Lab

3 light fade units

Climate controlled environment

Chemistry Lab

Acidity testing

Testing of enclosure materials

Pollution Studies Lab

2 custom built 21-cubic-foot air pollutants test chambers

Instrumentation Lab

Sample preparation

Color and gloss measurement

Image analysis

Dr. Peter Z. Adelstein Library

100,000 photographs

IPI Research Collection

Mounted art reproductions

Architectural photographs



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