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NanoImaging Laboratory

Oct 6th, 2011 -- research


The lab houses the following equipment, listed by type, with specifications:

Basic Electron Microscopy:

• JEOL 6400V scanning electron microscope with a 200 kV LaB6 electron gun and energy dispersive X-ray analysis for elemental microanalysis

• JEOL 100CX II 100 kV transmission electron microscope

• TV cameras to aid focusing and provide in situ TEM capabilities

• Reichert Jung ultramicrotome for cross-section preparation

• Nikon 9000 film scanner for digitizing electron micrographs

The lab has access to advanced electron microscopes at the Cornell Center for Materials Research. These include:

• A FEI Tecnai F20 200 kV field emission transmission electron microscope with monochromator. Probe size: 1 Å in TEM and 1.4 Å in STEM. Equipped with a Gatan tridium spectrometer for electron energy loss spectroscopy spectra at high energy resolution <0.2 eV, optimized recording of energy filtered TEM elemental maps, EELS low-loss studies (e.g. band gap analysis), and chemical bonding information at nanometer resolution. The Tecnai is also able to do electron tomography, which produces 3-D structures from 2-D projections, by acquiring an image every 2 degrees at angles +/- 70 degrees. This is only possible using the NanoImaging Lab’s tomography holder and specialized software.

• The NION 100 kV UltraSTEM has a spherical aberration corrector integrated into its column, which nulls all axial aberrations up to fifth order. As a result, an angstrom-scale probe with 0.1 nA of current enables imaging with angstrom-level resolution. The electron optics can be quickly changed to produce a 2-3 angstrom probe with 1 nA or more of current for analytical purposes (electron energy loss spectroscopy).



For assistance or more information, please contact:


Richard Hailstone, Director


Phone: (585) 475-6306