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NanoPower Research Laboratory

Oct 6th, 2011 -- research



The NPRL has facilities that allow for research in a variety of sustainable power techniques, including:

• Carbon nanotubes for high-density storage in lithium ion batteries

• Semiconductor quantum dots for high-efficiency solar cells

• Organic/polymer photovoltaics



The NPRL has a wide variety of equipment across its labs. Examples of the equipment are listed below, by lab:


Nanomaterials Synthesis

Carver High Pressure Target Press

Chemical Glovebox

Synthos 3000 Microwave

SWCN glove box

Self-contained Filtered Hood and Coater

Materials Characterization and Electron Microscopy

Espec SH-641 benchtop test chamber

Gas sensors

KLA Tencor HRP75 Profilometer

Brookfield viscometer

Arbin BT2000 Rechargeable Battery Testing System

BET Sorptometer (Quantachrome Nova 1000e Surface Area and Pore Size Analyzer)

Accent HL 5550 LN2 Cryostat Hall Effect Measurement Setup

TA Dynamic Mechanical Analysis Q800

TA Differential Scanning Calorimeter Q100

TGA Q50000 and 2950 Thermogravimetric Analyzers

Hitachi S900 Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope

Phillips XL30 Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope

Nikon Eclipse LV150 Nomarski Microscope

BioRad UMA 500 Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer

Sula Technologies Deep Level Transient Spectroscopy

Perkin-Elmer Lambda 900 UV/VIS Spectrometer

BET Sorptometer (Quantachrome Nova 1000e Surface Area and Pore Size Analyzer)

Jobin Yvon LabRamHR Raman/PL Spectrometer

NanoImaging Lab

Transmission electron microscope

Scanning electron microscope

Atomic force microscope

Vacuum coater

Spin coater

Materials Deposition and Device Fabrication

Lindberg III-V Annealing Furnace

Leco Spectrum System 1000 Mechanical Wafer Polishing

Anatech Hummer VI Sputter Coater

Lesker PVD75 Thermal Evaporator

Lesker Nano38 Thermal Evaporator

Glovebox for polymer solar cell fabrication

Leco Spectrum System 1000 Mechanical Wafer Polishing

Fuji Dimatix Polymer Materials Printer

Lesker PVD75 Sputtering System

Gold Electroplating Station

Angstrom Engineering Vacuum Deposition System


Photovoltaic Device Characterization

Agilent B1500 Semiconductor Parametric Analyzer and Spectral Response, PL, PR, DLTS

Cascade Microtech RF-1 Probe Station

Cooke Sensicam QE Electroluminesce Mapping

Newport 1000W Solar Simulator



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