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Finding Opportunities Using InfoEd

Many RIT researchers have been working with their research administrators to create profiles in InfoEd’s SPIN and GENIUS systems in order to receive automated SMARTS emails. These emails provide timely information on grant opportunities based on your interests. Recently, there have been some changes in these online tools. Most notably, the GENIUS system no longer exists and one uses the SPIN search engine to generate SMARTS emails.

If you would like to create an InfoEd profile and/or to initiate SMARTS emails, please follow the instructions below. For more information, contact your SRS representative.

 Create an InfoEd Profile

1.     Go to 

2.     Click “Sign-In” in the upper right-hand corner.







3.     Click the link “Need to create a new profile”.












4.     Fill in the fields that appear (name, email, and username).

5.     Your profile will then have to be “approved” by RIT’s SPIN administrator.

6.     After approval, you will be able to save searches and choose key words that can function to generate automated emails regarding funding opportunities.

Initiate SMARTS emails

1.   Go to
2.   “Sign-In” in the upper right-hand corner.
3.   Select one of the options in the “Search” drop-down menu: Basic, InfoEd Key Word, or Advanced. Conduct a search of your choosing. After your search is complete, click “save”. 





4. In the window that appears, name your search and configure SMARTS automation. Click “Save Changes.”