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NSF CISE Research Infrastructure Limited Submission

Jul 25th, 2017 -- dmbsrs

Update: As of 8/28/17, one open slot remains for an Institutional Infrastructure proposal.  Interested parties should contact Laura Kleiman.

Synopsis. The CISE Research Infrastructure (CRI) program drives discovery and learning in the core CISE disciplines of the three participating CISE divisions by supporting the creation and enhancement of world-class research infrastructure that will support focused research agendas in computer and information science and engineering. This infrastructure will enable CISE researchers to advance the frontiers of CISE research. Further, through the CRI program, CISE seeks to ensure that individuals from a diverse range of academic institutions, including minority-serving and predominantly undergraduate institutions, have access to such infrastructure.  Further information is available at the program page and in the solicitation, NSF 17-581.

The CRI program supports two classes of awards:

  • Institutional Infrastructure (limit 3 proposals) awards support the creation of new CISE research infrastructure or the enhancement of existing CISE research infrastructure to enable world-class CISE research opportunities at the awardee and collaborating institutions. 
  • Community Infrastructure (no proposal limit)awards support the planning for new CISE community research infrastructure, the creation of new CISE research infrastructure, the enhancement of existing CISE infrastructure, or the sustainment of existing CISE community infrastructure to enable world-class CISE research opportunities for broad-based communities of CISE researchers that extend well beyond the awardee institutions.

Institutional Limit.  A university or organization may submit no more than three Institutional Infrastructure proposals per competition. There is no limit on Community Infrastructure (CI) proposals per competition.

Investigator Limit.  An individual may participate in at most two proposals, across all classes, as PI, co-PI, or senior personnel.

Internal Proposals.  For Institutional Infrastructure proposals only, provide a concept paper of no more than two pages addressing the following:

  1. Project information, including project title; project type; names and affiliations of collaborating personnel; projected total budget.
  2. A concise description of the infrastructure to be developed, enhanced, or sustained.
  3. A description of the CISE research focus.
  4. A short summary of a sample research project.
  5. Relevance to CISE.
  6. Brief description of benefits to RIT.

These items follow the proposal preparation instructions in section V.A. of NSF 17-581.  Please provide responses to Laura Kleiman at


RIT Internal Proposal Deadline: August 24, 2017

Preliminary Proposal Deadline: November 2, 2017

Full Proposal Deadline: January 11, 2018