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Cost Sharing Explanation and Guidelines

Requests for cost-sharing should be made as far in advance as possible prior to the submission of the proposal. Cost-sharing may be requested from your department, college, or the Institute. The Request for Institute Cost-Sharing form must be used in all cases, and approval must be secured from the Vice President for Research (VPR).

The type of cost-sharing requested -- cash or in-kind -- must be indicated, as well as the fiscal year in which the funds will be needed. Note that a voluntary reduction in the indirect/F&A costs charged to the sponsor is considered in-kind cost-sharing and subject to approval by the VPR.  If cost-sharing is not required by the sponsor, a justification must be provided with the request.

Cost-sharing requests that are less than $10,000 may be discussed with the VPR by phone or e-mail.  Cost-sharing requests that are equal to or greater than $10,000 require a face-to-face meeting of the VPR, Dean, Principal Investigator, and Senior Research Administrator from Sponsored Research Services.

Requesting a Waiver of F&A Costs
When a waiver of Facilities and Administration Costs (indirect costs) is included in the project budget, please contact your SRS representative as early in the proposal preparation stage as possible. Note that F&A reductions that are not required by the sponsor are considered in-kind cost-sharing and must be approved by the VPR.  The Institute does not encourage voluntary F&A waivers, and a strong justification is usually required.

Tuition Waivers
If student tuition costs will be funded by a department or college, it is treated according to the cost-sharing approval process above.  If a graduate student tuition waiver is requested from the Institute, a  Graduate Tuition Remission Request Form must be submitted to and approved by the Assistant Vice President of Financial Aid and Scholarships.