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RIT Semiconductor and Microsystems Fabrication Laboratory

Oct 6th, 2011 -- research


The capabilities of the SMFL include:

· Wafer cleaning, ion implantation and diffusion, and high temperature processing both with conventional tube furnaces and RTP systems.

· CVD / PECVD deposition capabilities are available for oxides, nitrides, and polysilicon. A variety of vacuum systems are available for sputtering and thermal evaporation of metals and dielectrics.

· Lithography, including automated coating and development systems combined with a set of three 5:1 steppers with capabilities down to 0.25 microns, as well as 1:1 contact lithography and an electron beam exposure system for direct write of wafers and photo mask production.

· Plasma etch capabilities for silicon, oxides, nitrides, and metals and provision for a broad variety of wet chemical etch processes as well as copper electroplating and CMP.

· Complete prototyping of devices and systems with help from the electrical and surface analytical characterization labs, microelectronics layout and computer simulation facilities, and in-house industry-standard electronics packaging capability.



The specific equipment available in the SMFL is listed below by process area:


Canon FP2000I i-line stepper

GCA g-line stepper

Karl Suss MA-150 contact aligner

SVG88 photoresist coat/develop track

SSI photoresist coat/develop track

MEBES-III electron beam lithography/maskmaking system

Exitech 157nm DUV Stepper

Chemical Vapor Deposition

Applied Materials P5000 Delta PECVD TEOS

Applied Materials P5000 Delta PECVD Nitride

ASM 6” LPCVD furnace (nitride/poly)

ASM 6” LPCVD furnace (low-temperature oxide)

ASM 4” LPCVD furnace (nitride/poly)

Thermal Processing

AG410 Rapid Thermal Processor

AG610 Rapid Thermal Processor

Three Bruce BDF-4 4-stack Furnace


Varian 350D Ion Implant (4” and 6” wafers, B and P implant)

Wet Process

MOS RCA Cleaning Bench

BOE HF Bench

Al wet etch/solvent resist strip bench

Hot Phosphoric acid/KOH etch bench

Ultrasonic cleaning bench

General wet process benches


Applied Materials P5000 Magnetically Enhanced RIE

Lam Research 4600 aluminum RIE (Cl2/BCl3)

Lam Research 490 Autoetch (nitride/polysilicon)

Drytek QUAD RIE etch (fluorocarbon RIE/carbon PECVD)

Branson 3200 2-chamber downstream asher

Tegal 415 Barrel asher


CVC 601 3-target batch sputter (DC/pulsed)

PE2400 3-target batch sputter (DC)

PE2400 3-target batch sputter (RF)

CHA electron beam evaporator bell jar

CVC thermal evaporator bell jar


Hitachi CD-SEM


Phillips 525 SEM


Tencor P-2 Profilometer/Stress meter

Tencor Alpha-Step profilometer

Rudolph IV Ellipsometer

Tencor 364 Surfscan

Leitz optical CD measurement station

Nanometrics spectrophotometer thin-film metrology tools (3)

Automated 4-point prober

Many optical microscopes

PHI 490 Multiprobe Auger/XPS system

CMP / Packaging

Leco AP-600 CMP polisher

Westech 372 CMP polisher

Strasbaugh CMP polisher

High-pressure wafer cleaning system

K&S 775 wafer dicing saw

Tempress wafer dicing saw


For assistance or more information, please contact:


Karl Hirschman, Ph.D., Director