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Corporate Research Opportunities through NineSights

Feb 10th, 2014 -- dmbsrs

NineSights is an online community that connects innovators with resources and relationships needed to drive business value.  NineSights offers certain features that may help connect RIT researchers with corporate opportunities, including

Corporate RFPs – NineSights publishes requests for proposals on behalf of corporate clients for a broad network of solution providers.  Many of these opportunities are good fits for university researchers. 

Innovation Galleries – NineSights features online marketplaces for companies and other organizations to post technology needs and showcase technology offers. 

NineSights allows users to create individual profiles tailored to specific interests and provides a platform for submitting proposals.  This is an unsecure, non-confidential environment and investigators should bear that in mind when responding to rfps or providing other information.  Investigators should work with SRS representatives on all applications through NineSights.

Registration can be accomplished at