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New York Council for the Humanities Grants

Jun 21st, 2012 -- dmbsrs

Are you looking for funding for a public humanities program in 2012?  The New York Council for the Humanities will provide up to $10,000 for humanities-based public programming.  Please note that funding requests must be matched 100% by other sources.  

The grant supports programming that will bring humanities scholars and scholarship to a public audience, through events such as lecture series, conferences, panel discussions, exhibits, film screenings, and internet presentations.     

Each institution may only win one award. Applicants must submit a project abstract for internal review prior to submission. If multiple abstracts are received, then a peer review committee will evaluate the proposals and select an application for RIT to advance for an award.   


There are three rounds of awards in 2012. In order to be considered, applicants must submit a pre-proposal (see instructions below) for internal review prior to deadline.

Application Deadline:              E-mail pre-proposals to Charlie Bush by:

July 15, 2012                             Friday, June 22, 2012                 (5:00 PM)

September 15, 2012                   Friday, July 20, 2012                  (5:00 PM)

December 15, 2012                    Friday, October 19, 2012             (5:00 PM)


Submit a cover page and a project abstract (one page single-spaced) that gives a concise description of the project.  In preparing your pre-proposal, read the instructions below as well as the full announcement from the New York Council for the Humanities at:

1)  COVER PAGE:  List only the following

a)   Project Title

b)   Principal Investigator(s)

c)    Highest humanities degree and discipline


Use Arial or Times font, no smaller than 11 point.  The abstract should describe the program, highlight its importance, and clearly identify a target audience.  Please put the title at the top of the page.  Address all of the following in the one-page narrative:

a)  What is the activity being proposed?  Describe the humanities issues and ideas that will be addressed.

b)  Who is the intended audience, how large do you expect it to be, and how will you reach it?

c)  Who are the humanities scholars that you propose to involve in the project?  Give a brief indication of their credentials and what they will contribute to the project.

d)  Budget: How much will you request from the Council, and what expenses will it cover?  Where do you expect to raise the matching funds?  How much has already been pledged from departmental, college, and other university sources?    

E-MAIL YOUR PRE-PROPOSALS by the due date to Charlie Bush at Late proposals will not be accepted.  You will receive an acknowledgement that the application has been received.