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NIH Bridges to Baccalaureate

Apr 2nd, 2013 -- dmbsrs

The NIH invites proposals for research education programs that will increase the pool of community college students from underrepresented backgrounds who go on to research careers in the biomedical and behavioral sciences and will be available to participate in NIH-funded research.

The initiative promotes partnerships/consortia between community colleges or other two-year post-secondary educational institutions granting the associate degree with colleges or universities that offer the baccalaureate degree. 

The program expects that the joint efforts of baccalaureate degree-granting and associate degree-granting institutions will foster the development of a well-integrated institutional program that will provide students with the necessary academic preparation and skills to enable their transition and successful completion of the baccalaureate and subsequently more advanced degrees in biomedical and behavioral sciences. 

Because Bridges applications are institutional in nature, they must reflect the plans and priorities of the participating institutions as well as the collective plans and priorities of the partnerships/consortia.  Collaborative agreements should be designed to fit the needs and situations of the institutions involved.  Participating institutions should create a partnership program, or enhance an existing program, that will focus attention and resources on the institution(s) granting associate degrees and so enhance competitiveness of its (their) science graduates and science programs.  The four-year partner institution should ensure that it has the resources needed to support Bridges students upon and after transfer to facilitate the student’s successful baccalaureate degree completion.

Each application must conduct a self-assessment that includes baseline data on enrollment, transfer, research training, and subsequent graduation of its under-represented (UR) students in biomedical and behavioral sciences.  Specific aims must be based on this self-assessment and must be consonant with the Bridges to Baccalaureate goals and objectives.

2013 Solicitation has not yet been released.  We anticipate the announcement in August, 2013 and expect an application deadline in late October, 2013.   Applicants requesting $500,000 or more in direct costs in any year (excluding consortium F & A) must contact NIH program staff at least 6 weeks before submitting their application.

Interested PIs should submit a 3 page project summary to David Bond at by April 30, 2013.