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Limited Submissions

Office of the Vice President for Research Call for Proposals: Signature Interdisciplinary Research Areas

Aug 17th, 2015 -- dmbsrs

Eligible Participants:  All RIT Faculty

Executive Summary:  One “difference maker” set forth in our current strategic plan is that RIT will be internationally distinguished as a research university through its focus on and investment in specific inter- and trans-disciplinary research areas identified through a systematic and inclusive selection process.  To this end, we will identify and provide support for a limited set of signature interdisciplinary research areas in which RIT will emerge as a global leader.

John Templeton Foundation Internal Call for Proposals

Aug 14th, 2015 -- dmbsrs

Focus Area:  Sir John Templeton stipulated that most of the foundation's resources would be devoted to research about "the basic forces, concepts, and realities" governing the universe and humankind's place in the universe. These include a range of fundamental scientific notions, including complexity, emergence, evolution, infinity, and time. In the moral and spiritual sphere, it extends to such basic phenomena as altruism, creativity, free will, generosity, gratitude, intellect, love, prayer, and purpose.

Simons Foundation Internal Call for Proposals

Aug 14th, 2015 -- dmbsrs

Focus Area:  The Simons Foundation Division for Mathematics and the Physical Sciences invites applications for the Simons Fellows Programs in both Mathematics and Theoretical Physics. The Fellows Programs provide funds to faculty for up to a semester long research leave from classroom teaching and administrative obligations. Such leaves can increase creativity and provide intellectual stimulation. The goal of the Simons Fellows Program is to make it easier to take such leaves, or to extend sabbatical leaves by an extra half year.


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