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Toyota Production Systems Laboratory

Oct 6th, 2011 -- research


The Toyota Production Systems Laboratory allows for the study of the following elements of production:

• Production Line:

Line balancing, workstation design, self‐balancing lines (“bucket brigades”), job location and cycle time, throughput, WIP accumulation, queue size per station, idle time, and station utilization.

• Receiving Functions:

Order receipts, receipt validation, identification of shortages and overages, transaction moves, printing of license plate labels, and printing of bin labels.

• Pick‐and‐Pass Area for Put‐away & Picking:

Virtual interface between receiving and flow through P‐T‐L area, put‐away function with pick‐to‐light, barcode and directed manual operation, acknowledgement of directed picking and validation of operation against orders, zone scheme flexibility for 1, 2, 3 and 4 zones based on 120 light location mapping, manual slotting of SKUs to rack, stocking replenishment, exception reporting by zone and picker, data storage in Excel spreadsheet for display of picker productivity, picks per unit time, pick density, and accuracy.

• Shipping Functions:

Manual packing, printing of shipping labels, printing of shipping documents (bill of lading, common carrier, 3rd party shipping manifests, etc.), and downloading of WMS data into Excel spreadsheet.

• Kitting Stations:

Build‐to‐Light capabilities with automotive parts/kits, configuration for two station with 15‐lights each, and data storage in Excel spreadsheet for display and reporting.


In addition to white boards and “A3” poster display areas throughout the facility, the Toyota Production Systems Laboratory also houses the following equipment, listed below:

Production Line 1

Gravity roller conveyor

Modular tubing design for customized workstations

Custom made pallets

Production Line 2

Tubular aluminum tracks

Modular design

Anodized aluminum carts

Half‐moon working surface

Overhead bins, shelves, flow‐through and push‐back racks, light fixtures

Tool balancers

Status lights

Barcode readers

Flat-screen monitors

Flow Through Area

120 TW Red Light devices

Lights infrastructure

Three symbol scanners

Lighting pick express software

Kitting Area

30 AW multi‐color lights and AW Infra–Red light devices

Lights infrastructure

Two symbol scanners

Excel spreadsheet build‐to‐light software


For assistance or more information, please contact:


Andres L. Carrano, Ph.D., Lab Director