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  • Intent to Present deadline
  • June 13, 2014
  • Abstract Submission deadline
  • July 11, 2014
  • Registration deadline
  • August 1, 2014
  • Symposium
  • August 8, 2014

Energy and Sustainability Schedule

9:30amAmanda Doucett
Thermal Stability and Safety of LiNi0.8Co0.15Al0.05O2 (NCA) Cathodes with Varying Conductive Additives
9:45amDominick N. Baker
Effect of Overcharge on Thermal Stability and Energy Density of Lithium Ion Batteries
10:00amEric Johnson
Synthesis of Lithium-Rich Cathode Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries
10:15amMichael J. Dzara
Rate Performance of Germanium Nanoparticle - SWCNT Composite Anodes as a Function of SWCNT Loading and Areal Capacity
10:30amSamantha Pustulka and Scott Pedu
Probing the Electrosorption Capacity of Titanium dioxide Nanostructures for the Removal of Ionic Species from Aqueous Solutions
10:45amBreak and Posters
12:30pmLunch and Speaker
3:30pmBreak and Posters
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