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  • Intent to Present deadline
  • June 13, 2014
  • Abstract Submission deadline
  • July 15, 2014
  • Registration deadline
  • August 1, 2014
  • Symposium
  • August 8, 2014

Modeling and Simulation Schedule

9:30amMatthew Tidridge
Augmented Reality for Practical Uses in Tourism
9:45amAmanda Cook
Agent-based model of the influence of suicidal factors
10:00amDaniel Steed and Vasu Gupta
Lecture Visual Change Detection and Notification Visual-Tactile System
10:15amEric Hunt, Kyler Connare
Introducing and Illustrating Biofeedback Signals to Young People with Autism Spectrum Disorder
10:30amAshley Miller
Serious Gaming for Disaster Risk Reduction
10:45amBreak and Posters
11:15amBruno Alves Maciel
Admission Batches to Minimize Internal Shuffle of Patients
11:30amChristopher Mercado
A Java Program to Analyze Dual Voltage-Calcium Cardiac Signals
11:45amJohn Rivera, Warrance Yu
Accessible Views for Deaf and Low-Vision Students
12:00pmMarissa Fox
Optimizing Cardiac Electrophysiology Model Parameter Values using a Genetic Algorithm
12:15pmMatthew Kern
Massively Parallel Granular Material Simulation
12:30pmLunch and Speaker
2:00pmAlberto Scicali
Tiger Augmentation
2:15pmBrandon Powell
Smart Cane
2:30pmJohn Mooney
The Effect of Contact Lens Suction Pressure on the Shape of the Human Cornea
2:45pmNathan Cawley
Computational Modeling of Electrostatic Interactions of Proteins
3:00pmVictor Paiz, Dan Simon, Maryam Bahrani
Gaze Analysis on 3D Reconstructed Scenes
3:15pmYevgeniy Parfilko
Modeling A Tornado Saferoom with FEA
3:30pmBreak and Posters
3:45pmCaleb Kofahl
Using Monte Carlo Methods to Investigate the Effect on Preferential Attachment Networks of Varying the Initial Degree of New Nodes
4:00pmErika Bliss
Learning and Forgetting in Worker Allocation Models
4:15pmFelipe Meneguetti de Carlos, J├ęssica Pereira Dias
Simulation Analysis of Worker Protocols for U-Shaped Assembly Cells
4:30pmRyan Vogt, Emma Foster
Big Data for Big Government
4:45pmTaylor Kilroy
Linguistic Analysis for Stress Detection System
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